‘Don’t fence us in’ say Uckfield residents

Bob Thompson and neighbours.
Bob Thompson and neighbours.

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People living in some homes in Cambridge Way told the Sussex Express they have always had access to the Snatts Road burial ground which lies at the back of their houses.

Bob Thompson said: “The Town Council has decided to block off our prescriptive rights to the access. We have gates leading onto the burial ground.

“The only reason they can give is that they want to stop dogs fouling the cemetery and they also cite land encroachment.”

He insists this is not a relevant issue as three out of four of the families affected do not own dogs and the fourth does not allow a dog into the burial ground.

And he said he had made numerous telephone calls and sent emails to the council but to no effect.

“We have taken legal advice and we know we have prescriptive rights to this access.

“There was a confidential council meeting which neither the press not public were allowed to attend where this was discussed. We were contacted by a council clerk giving us one month’s notice before a fence will be put up and the access closed off.”

Bob said he has lived in his house for 16 years and used the access, whereas a resident at another of the Cambridge Way homes had used his for 26 years.

And he said, one reason he wants to maintain the right to go out of his back gate is so he can cut the hedge from both sides.

A council spokesman referred the Express to Cllr Helen Firth. She said: “This is currently under consideration by our legal department.

“All I will say is this is certainly not open space....it is a burial ground after all.”