Downing Street garden drinks: Eastbourne MP says ‘anyone who has broken covid restriction should face the consequences of their actions’

The MP for Eastbourne said she’s ‘concerned’ after an email came to light inviting 100 people to a garden party in Downing Street.

An email inviting 100 people to ‘socially distanced drinks in the No 10 garden’ on the evening of May 20 2020 was leaked to ITV.

At this time lockdown rules were still in place which meant you could only meet one person outside of your household in an outdoor public place, as long as you stayed two metres apart.

Now Caroline Ansell, the MP for Eastbourne, has reacted to the news.

Downing Street garden drinks

She said, “I have been really clear about this. Anyone who has broken any covid restrictions should face the consequences of their actions.

“People across Eastbourne and Willingdon made huge sacrifices during the lockdowns by keeping to the rules and it is only right that is acknowledged. I thank everyone for doing so. I did the same thing.

“I am just as concerned as anyone to know what has happened and why. There is an investigation and I would urge it to be completed and its findings published as soon as possible.”