‘Garden grabbing’ home approved

A Pulborough neighbour was left ‘gutted’ after Horsham District Council unanimously approved the development of a bungalow in an applicant’s garden.

The proposed bungalow had been resubmitted after a request was made by the Development Control South Committee to reduce the dwelling’s ridge height.

The applicant, Leonard Reineck, argued that the proposed ridge height was not out of keeping with the other properties on Steeton Rock Road.

In opposition, neighbour John Griffiths said: “The plot is on rising ground, thus the building from our point of view is higher.”

Another neighbour, Ray Wannell, claimed the proposed bungalow would be ‘visually overbearing’ and have a ‘detrimental affect’ on his privacy.

The application states that the ridge height of 6.8 meters was not an issue as other properties in the area measured up to 7 meters.

Mr Reineck added: “We understand our neighbours are against the application, but there are others in the area who are for it.”

Neighbour Mr Graham Humphries accused the applicant of ‘garden grabbing’ and suggested to reduce the proposed dwelling’s ridge height by 1 meter.

Philip Circus (Con, Chanctonbury) agreed, he said: “I’m unhappy about the height of the property. I would like to see a reduction.”

The committee said concerns with the height has been satisfactorily met by the application and development was approved with the condition that a landscape scheme must be carried out.

Mr Wannell said: “I’m gutted and disappointed.”