General Election 2024 – Bexhill and Battle election candidates

The Bexhill and Battle election candidates.

The LDRS invited each of the candidates to tell you about themselves by providing a short personal statement. Where the candidate did not provide a statement, the LDRS has sought to reproduce election material published by the parliamentary hopefuls elsewhere.

Abul Azad, Independent.

The following is an excerpt of a personal statement published on am currently an East Sussex County Councillor and a former District Councillor and I have had the privilege of calling Bexhill home for the past 33 years. Since moving to Bexhill with my family, I have been deeply committed to our communities and its well-being. This passion for local involvement led me to enter politics, proudly representing the Conservative Party, and subsequently serving as Mayor of Bexhill. These roles allowed me to participate in numerous fundraising events, a commitment I continue to uphold. It has been an honour to help raise substantial funds for various causes and support those in need within all our communities.

Christine Bayliss, Labour.A vote for me is a vote for someone local and experienced, with a record of delivering change for our communities. As a former Sussex Police Officer and business owner, I know the importance of community policing. As an education specialist, I know what our schools need to thrive. As a leading voice on Rother District Council, I have consistently advocated for cost of living support and community investment. My hard work has led to evening 98 buses, a skatepark in Sidley, and democracy for Bexhill. In my first year as your MP, I will launch a review of town centre parking to develop an approach that will help residents, shop keepers and the local environment. This election is a chance to turn the page. As the progressive choice, I need your support, to deliver change as part of a Labour government. On 4 July, vote Labour. Vote Christine Bayliss.

Ian Gribbon, Reform UK.The following is an excerpt of a personal statement published on Reform UK’s website.Growing up in the north of England, but now living locally, I witnessed firsthand the hardships that came with the collapse of manufacturing in the UK and the implosive result that this has had on real wages up and down the country especially in coastal towns. I moved to the South East in the late 80s as a young man and developed a career in business that took me overseas where I saw how other countries have done a far better job in managing their societies than we have. I am a passionate observer of the decline of British culture and the economy. Most notable of which is the collapse of civic pride and the overall decline of standards at all levels of society. Local government is utterly dysfunctional and combined with the incompetence in Westminster since Blair took charge, national decline has accelerated.

Nigel Jacklin, Independent Network.As a market researcher and statistician representing people is my day job. I would like to represent you. My wife and I have lived in Normans Bay for 31 years where we raised a family and started a business. I run the No To Northeye campaign and have worked on many other important issues. In January I announced I would stand as an Independent Network candidate.My campaign is to:End abuse of police power; catch criminals.Tackle illegal immigration; No To Northeye.Put local housing needs before developer profits.Value skills over qualifications.Support farmers, local businesses and community groups.Deliver effective local public services, especially NHS and Social Care.Review Net Zero; take a more balanced approach to the environment.Keep cash, recognise the limits of AI, employ people on frontline services.Protect single sex spaces and sports.End wars. No national service. No conscription.

Becky Jones, Liberal Democrats.Becky is a mum of three, and works in the NHS, with a focus on sustainability and reducing health inequalities. Before working in the NHS, Becky worked in local government, specifically in the areas of policy, strategy and equality and diversity. Becky’s career in the public sector spans over 20 years and has afforded her the chance to work with lots of local communities and implement policies and initiatives to try and positively impact on the local communities for whom she serves.

Jonathan Kent, Green Party.The following is an excerpt of a personal statement published on The Green Party’s website.Jonathan grew up and lives in Ticehurst in Sussex and went to local state schools before reading philosophy and theology at Oxford. As a former journalist and foreign correspondent, he campaigned on issues including human rights, miscarriages of justice, the treatment of migrant workers and sex trafficking. Jonathan says: “People are really struggling at the moment – the NHS, schools, transport and the other services we rely on have been run down, the cost of living is rising and incomes aren’t stretching as far as they used to. Wildlife and nature are struggling too. Our beaches and rivers are polluted, habitats are being destroyed. At the same time countries that should be finding ways to work together to stop our climate spinning out of control are increasingly in conflict with one another instead.”

Julia Long, Party of Women.The following is a statement published in Ms Long’s name on the crowdfunding website GiveSendGo.Hello, I’m Julia Long and I live in Bexhill and work in East Sussex. I have worked in education, the voluntary sector and local government and have a longstanding history of campaigning in the field of women’s rights. I am standing as a parliamentary candidate for the Party of Women in Bexhill and Battle as I believe it is urgently necessary to defend the rights of all women and girls where other parties have failed to do so.

Kieran Mullan, The Conservative Party Candidate.

Voters think too many politicians are all the same, straight from the Westminster bubble without real world experience. I don’t think it gets more real world than working as a doctor in A&E or volunteering as a policeman and I’ve done both. It taught me a lot about people and the problems they face. Not enough MPs understand the challenges on the front lines of our public services. I want to take what I’ve learnt to make a difference. My mum was a nurse and my dad was a policeman. They taught me my values and to step up and serve. I hope that gives you a better idea of the sort of MP I would be. I am out listening to voters understanding their priorities — and reminding them that a vote for anyone but the Conservative candidate in Bexhill and Battle risks letting Keir Starmer in!

Jeff Newnham, Independent.The LDRS was unable to reach Mr Newnham to invite him to take part in these profiles. The following is a statement taken from his website: am a lifelong resident of East Sussex, I have devoted my career to serving the community in various capacities—from my early days as a farrier and supporting equine charities, working with educational support to SN young people and adults to community building developments. I am driven by a passion for genuine, accountable leadership which is why I am now stepping forward as an Independent candidate for Bexhill and Battle. My diverse experiences and steadfast commitment to this wonderful area make me equipped to represent the interests and voices of my fellow residents.

Colin Sullivan, UK Independence Party (UKIP).The LDRS reached out to UKIP to invite Mr Sullivan to take part in this article, but did not receive a response by time of publication. The LDRS was unable to find any election material published in Mr Sullivan’s name online.