General Election 2024 – Hastings and Rye election candidates

The Hastings and Rye election candidates.

The LDRS invited each of the candidates to tell you about themselves by providing a short personal statement. Where the candidate did not provide a statement, the LDRS has sought to reproduce election material published by the parliamentary hopefuls elsewhere.

Phil Colley, Workers Party — For Britain, For Gaza. I grew up listening to stories about my great uncle, the intrepid Welsh journalist Gareth Jones, a brave man who told the truth about world events in the 1930s. He was fearless, though it cost him his life. He inspired me to travel, to see the world and learn languages, though in recent years I settled down to run our family campsite. Today, I am inspired once again to follow in my great uncle’s footsteps. I’m standing as the anti-genocide candidate to protest the criminal conspiracy of silence of our political elites and mainstream media over the genocide in Gaza. I refuse to be silent in the face of crimes against humanity. In my campaign I will also address the deep, structural inequalities in our society and the failed water industry. I’m here to challenge the status quo. I’m here to speak truth to power.Paul Crosland, Independent.The following is a statement published on of experience in mediation has shown me that clarifying what we want rather than attacking or interrupting others opens a space for a deeper democracy. I propose community dialogues for Hastings so as to develop a Convergent Constituency Manifesto to put to all the political parties attempting to “fob us off” with so much less. Electing representatives with less than 50% of the vote — as we did in 2019 — is contributing towards a crisis of legitimacy in Parliament. I make a deep commitment to ongoing consultation with constituents to maintain a handful of key policy proposals focused on healing our fractured local community.

Nicholas Davies, Communist Party of Britain.I’ve lived in Hastings for over 11 years. I’m standing as a communist to give people something to vote FOR. Like a wealth tax on the super rich, and big business monopoly profits. Our NHS needs at least 120,000 more doctors, midwives and nurses — let’s start training them now! And pay all NHS workers a decent wage, to reward and retain them. Privatisation has been an expensive scam. Mail, rail and energy companies need to be in public hands. Southern Water needs to be taken back into public ownership. 15 years of central government cuts to local council funding has blighted our services. Britain needs a programme of homebuilding through the public sector. I support the compulsory purchase of empty residential property for those on the waiting list. I will lobby the new government to reverse those cuts so our council is viable and effective once again. Vote communist!

Helena Dollimore, Labour and Co-operative Party.I’ve met thousands of residents already this year. They are telling me that, after 14 years, the Conservatives have run out of road as a government. I was born and brought up locally and love living here. Like you I want the best for Hastings and Rye. But we haven’t had that from the outgoing Conservative MP and fourteen years of Conservative chaos. As your Labour candidate I have run the campaign to keep the Ridge Fire Station open. I have exposed the delays in local ambulance wait times, helped campaign to get Rye Pool back open and have been taking the fight to Southern Water to force them to clean up their act. I can do so much more for you if you help me change this Government. Only Labour can beat the Conservatives here. Change only happens if you vote for it, so vote Labour on July 4th.

Lucian Fernando, Reform UK.I am honoured to be a parliamentary candidate for Hastings and Rye. My journey in public service has been rooted in our community, beginning with my tenure as a councillor in Hastings Borough Council. My passion for serving the public has been the driving force throughout my career. I’m excited to share with you my commitment to our community, my role as a Reform UK Parliamentary candidate for the upcoming general election, and my steadfast belief in traditional British values. I have proudly served in the British Army Cadet Force and volunteered with the Metropolitan Police, along with numerous other volunteer organisations. These experiences have given me a profound understanding of the importance of dedication, resilience, and community spirit. I am committed to making Hastings and Rye a better place for all its residents. Together, we can achieve positive change and build a stronger, more prosperous future for our community.

Guy Harris, Liberal Democrat.The following is an excerpt of a personal statement published on and his family have lived in the constituency for nearly 14 years. Hastings and Rye is his home. One of his children was born in the Conquest Hospital and both children attend local state schools. He is active in the community, taking a keen interest in constituency affairs, and writing regularly in the local press on national and international issues. He is prominent in the ongoing local campaigns to repair our pot-holed roads, and during the pandemic, he supported Rye Mutual Aid. Guy has raised funds for the Royal British Legion and been a long term ‘Good Samaritan’ for the Burma Star Association. He has done voluntary work to support the Welsh Guards Afghanistan Appeal, and raised funds for memorials and overseas trips for veterans and their families. In May 2023, he stood in the district council elections.

Sally-Ann Hart, The Conservative Party Candidate.I’m so proud to stand where I’ve lived for 30 years, my children were born at the Buchanan and Conquest, and I’ve served as a magistrate, a councillor, and your MP since 2019. I have worked my socks off to stand up and fight against those holding us back – while securing us the vital investments (over £84 million) we need to level up as a constituency. But my personal mission isn’t finished. I’m still holding Southern Water to account for pipe investment and compensation, I’m still fighting the failing University of Brighton Academies Trust to reclaim up to the £4 million they withhold from our secondary school learners, and I’m still fighting to get projects like the Queensway Gateway completed before the end of the year. With a proven track record of hard work and delivery, please give me the chance to finish the job and continue our fight.

Becca Horn, Green PartyHastings is my home and I was honoured to be elected councillor in May’s local elections. As a founder member of Hastings and St Leonards Clean Water Action, I’ve long campaigned to hold Southern Water to account and end sewage pollution. I also campaign with Hastings Housing Alliance to find community-led solutions to our housing crisis. My top priorities are: affordable quality homes for all; safe and vibrant town centres connected by better public transport, walking and cycling routes; improving opportunities for young people; cleaning up our waterways and preventing flooding, and properly funding our NHS. Only the Green Party are being honest about the investment needed to restore vital public services and tackle the climate crisis. I’m standing to give people a choice for REAL HOPE AND CHANGE. I will be a powerful local voice speaking up for a fairer, greener society for all in Hastings and Rye.