Government cuts West Sussex’s funding for road repairs

The Conservative government has been criticised for cutting funding available for West Sussex to repair its roads and fill in potholes.

Labour says its analysis shows that £6m has been trimmed from the county’s share of the road maintenance fund.

This is due to the pot promised to local authorities across the country by central Government to repair damage on the roads being reduced by £375m in 2021/22.

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Back in February, West Sussex County Council announced a £12m boost to the usual level of spending on highways over the next two financial years.

The Government has been criticised for cutting the size of the national pot of money it is giving councils for road repairs

But Labour says this is now only replacing money it has lost from the government.

Back in January, chancellor Rishi Sunak encouraged people to enjoy National Pothole Day ‘before they’re all gone’.

Michael Jones, Labour group leader, said: “Once again, this Tory government is short changing West Sussex.

“Potholes are the scourge of our roads – they cause widespread damage to cars and bikes.

“The Chancellor promised they would all soon be gone – then cut the fund to get rid of them. That sums this government up.”

He added: “It is yet another classic example of the Tories giving with one hand but taking it away with the other.”

In response, a spokesman for the county council said: “West Sussex County Council’s central government funding allocation for 2021/22 is comparable to the previous five year average.”