Headquarters ‘disgrace’ to Hailsham

Hailsham Liberal Democrat office looking run down
Hailsham Liberal Democrat office looking run down

THE Hailsham Liberal Democrat Party headquarters is in a disgusting condition, according to a resident.

Barry Salter, of Magham Down, who sent an email to Town Cllr Barbara Holbrook, said he was fed up with looking at the offices in Battle Road when he stopped his car at the traffic lights.

But Cllr John Blake, Wealden District Council Lib Dem Group leader, said party political posters had now been removed from the front windows of the building.

“If Mr Salter would like to join us we would be happy to have him help us to take any renovation further,” he said.

Mr Salter questioned whether people should take the local Lib Dems seriously when their offices, near Hailsham Community College, were ‘dirty and often covered in litter’.

He said: “They are appalling and desperately need sorting out.

“They are a disgrace to the party and a disgrace to the town.

“Just what message are you trying to convey in presenting yourself this way. Hailsham is trying hard to polish itself up a bit. It’s about time the Lib Dem Party joined in.”