How to save £1m of public money and make the beach accessible to all

Proposed new crossing at Tide Mills
Proposed new crossing at Tide Mills

I read the Sussex Express article last week concerning the proposed Tide Mills pedestrian bridge, apparently at a cost of £1million, and that for a beach that could never be accessed by the truly disabled from Tide Mills.

My suggestion would be to put a speed restriction in the immediate area of the railway crossing, set at 10mph.

Surely at that speed, no one could be killed? This would have very little effect on the rail schedule and would save around £1million of public money. Why build a monstrosity when reducing the train’s speed for less than a minute would resolve the issue? This is a sleepy branch line, not part of the mainline network. What is required is a boardwalk from Seaford to Tide Mills so that the disabled can access this beautiful area and it is to be hoped that the local authorities and the South Downs National Park can see their way to making this area safely accessible to all. Maybe even a public subscription might help?

Henry Page

Haven Way,