Lewes District Council explores “agile working” to save cash

Southover House, Lewes. ESCC
Southover House, Lewes. ESCC

Lewes District Council and Eastbourne Borough Council are exploring options for sharing some support services to improve efficiency and save money.

A report to Cabinet on Wednesday next week recommends that officers look into opportunities for integrating some aspects of IT and “agile working initiatives” and report back in June.

“Agile working” involves supporting staff having greater flexibility in where, how and when they work in order to be as responsive and efficient as possible.

Lewes District Council has started a modernisation programme to update IT infrastructure, rationalise office space and bring in agile working for staff.

Eastbourne BC went through similar changes over the last two years and has provided help and advice during phase 1 of the district council’s modernisation programme. Phase 1 involves refurbishing Southover House in Lewes to provide one energy-efficient, modern office and one-stop reception service to replace the various council offices dotted around the town.

A decision will be made at Cabinet on the preferred option for updating the telephone system at Southover House as this needs to be in place by June 14 when major council departments move into the new office.

The options are to share Eastbourne’s system or buy a new system through East Sussex County Council’s procurement framework.