Lewes MP’s office targeted with anti-Brexit stickers

Maria Caulfield MP SUS-190201-105101001
Maria Caulfield MP SUS-190201-105101001

The office of Lewes MP Maria Caulfield has been targeted with ban Brexit stickers.

She described on Twitter how the incident had happened overnight on Thursday February 7. Her constituency office is based in West Quay, Newhaven.

Ms Caulfield resigned as a vice-chairman of the Conservative Party over the Brexit plan agreed at Chequers in July and also opposed Prime Minister Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement with the EU, describing it as a ‘disastrous deal for the country’.

She Tweeted on Friday morning: “For those who vandalised the office overnight with ban Brexit stickers. You’re on CCTV!”

However this received a mixture of abuse and mockery.

One user said: “Terrible! I know the damage stickers cause. I mean, they’re just so sticky.

“Even if the culprits are caught, I don’t think it likely that any charges would stick.”

Ms Caulfield responded: “I’m glad you find it so funny. Perhaps you would like to meet my member of staff who is seven months pregnant and had to open the office this morning not knowing what else she would face after another week of full on abuse. Very happy for you to come and talk to the team.”

The same user suggested she was being ‘melodromatic’ and said he was happy to meet her to discuss why she was supporting the ‘single most disastrous policy in history’.

The Conservative MP said: “I’m very happy for you to come and apologise to my staff for the abuse they are getting from those who can’t accept the referendum result.”

Another social media user said she needed to ‘dial down the drama’ since they were stickers and ‘not a horse’s head in the bed’.

Another asked: “As ‘vandalism’ goes, a few stickers are a bit fourth-form aren’t they? Makes me wonder how you’d have coped during the blitz.”

Ms Caulfield’s office has been approached for comment.