Lewes MP won’t confirm if she’ll vote Tory at EU election

Lewes’ Conservative MP would not confirm if she will vote for her own party at the European Union election later this month.

Wednesday, 8th May 2019, 1:24 pm
Maria Caulfield MP SUS-190201-105101001

Since Brexit has been delayed UK voters will head to the polls on Thursday May 23 to elect 73 MEPs to Brussels.

Speaking to the BBC, MP Maria Caulfield said she ‘fundamentally disagrees with holding these elections’.

She said: “Millions of pounds are being spent on these elections and if we elect MEPs they may not take up their places. It’s a crazy situation for the country to be in and I blame Parliament as a whole for not respecting the result of the referendum in 2016.”

BBC Radio 5’s Emma Barnett said: “Are you going to vote Conservative at least?”

Ms Caulfield replied: “I don’t know, I’m not going to say.”

Ms Barnett asked: “For a sitting Conservative MP you are considering not voting Tory?”

Ms Caulfield said: “No I haven’t said that, I’ve said to you I’m not going to share how I vote, that’s between me and the ballot box as it is for every person in the country.”

She added: “I may not vote in the election, I may vote. But that’s a personal decision that I will make nearer the time.”