Planning applications submitted to Chichester District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority

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The following planning applications have been made to Chichester District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority between August 26 and September 2.

For more information about the planning applications below visit the Chichester District Council or South Downs National Park Authority websites.


BI/20/02125/DOM: Farthings, Westlands Estate. Renovation and extension of existing dwelling.

Planning applicationsPlanning applications
Planning applications


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BO/20/01907/DOM: 2 Harbour Villas, Shore Road. Detached garage. Timber screening to top of existing boundary wall.

BO/20/02050/DOM: Waders, Smugglers Lane. Erection of timber double garage/boat shed.


BX/20/02153/TCA: 48 Halnaker. Notification of intention to fell 4 no. Leyland Cypress trees (quoted as 1 on plan). Crown reduce to 3m stump on 4 no. Leyland Cypress trees (quoted as 2 on plan). Crown reduce by 4m 1 no. Common Ash tree (quoted as 3 on plan).


SDNP/20/03550/LDP: Jessamine Cottage, Church Lane. Erection of garage.


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CC/20/01779/PA1A: 7 Willowbed Avenue. Single storey extension to the rear (a) rear extension - 4.30m (b) maximum height - 3.00m (c) height of eaves - 3.00m.

CC/20/02013/DOM: 1 Bridge Road. Single storey rear extension and part side extension.

CC/20/02091/TCA: 13 Cavendish Street. Notification of intention to crown reduce (all round) by up to 2m on 1 no. Ornamental Purple Leaf Plum tree (T1) and 1 no. Pittosporum tree (T2).

CC/20/02093/DOM: 10 Winden Avenue. Two story extension to the rear of the property.

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CC/20/02129/TPA: Fletcher House, 8 Cawley Road. Crown reduce by approx. 30% on 1 no. Cyprus tree T1, subject to CC/93/00283/TPO.

Chidham & Hambrook

CH/20/01088/FUL: 32 The Avenue, Hambrook. Demolition of dwelling. Erection of 2 no. semi-detached houses.


D/20/02114/PNO: Pelleys, Pelleys Lane. Mono-pitch open fronted agricultural barn, for storage of farm machinary, straw and other farm related items.

East Wittering And Bracklesham

EWB/20/02002/DOM: Hazard Cottage, East Bracklesham Drive, Bracklesham. Raise roof of garage for an additional bedroom (amendments to previous permission 15/03025/FUL).

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EWB/20/02171/ELD: Church Farm Cottage, Church Farm Lane, East Wittering. Existing lawful development for use of land as garden for a continuous period of 10 years.


SDNP/20/03171/FUL: Beavers, Square Drive, Kingsley Green. Demolition and replacement detached dwelling and garage.

SDNP/20/03242/APNR: Fernden Grange, Fernden Lane. Prior notification for access/road improvements to allow for mechanised timber harvesting.

SDNP/20/03453/HOUS: The Beeches , Square Drive, Kingsley Green. Erection of garage outbuilding.


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FB/20/02095/TCA: Land South Of 69 Fishbourne Road West. Notification of intention to crown reduce by up to 5m on 2 no. Crack Willow trees (T12 and T13) and 1 no. Weeping Willow (T14).


SDNP/20/02620/HOUS: Latimer House, Bedham Lane. Single storey extension to the side of the property, an infill extension in the northern elevation and external fenestration alterations.

SDNP/20/03451/TCA: The Glebe , Upper Street. Notification of intention to sectional fell 2 no. Lawson Cypress tree (T1-T2). Reduce branches on northern sector by 6.5m and southern sector by 5m and removable of deadwood on 1 no. Scots Pine tree (T3).


SDNP/20/03523/FUL: Broadley Copse Farm, Downs Road, West Stoke. Replacement dwelling and removal of farm office and 2 no. shipping containers.


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SDNP/20/03444/CND: Empire Hall, The Street. Proposed rear entrance porch and the retention of a storage cage to securely house portable gas canisters (Variation of condition 1 from planning permission SDNP/19/04913/FUL - Revised plans with higher dwarf walls to the north and south elevations).


SDNP/20/03289/HOUS: Billingsgate House, North Lane, South Harting. Conservatory to rear.


SDNP/20/03489/FUL: New Barn, Sunwool Lane. Change of use of barn to 1 no. dwelling for use as shooting lodge and holiday cottage, including internal and external alterations and associated works.


LV/20/02141/TPA: 19 Roman Fields, Chichester. Reduce 1 no. lower branch on the western sector by 4m on 1 no. Common Beech tree (marked on plan as 0160) within area, A1 subject to LV/08/00140/TPO.


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SDNP/20/03455/FUL: Iron Hill Farm, Hollycombe Lane. The demolition of 660m of existing commercial buildings (B2) and the erection of 921.18m of replacement commercial buildings (B1)(B8).


LM/20/02081/DOM: 11 Sturt Avenue, Camelsdale. Erection of single storey rear extension.


LX/20/00796/DOM: Hollies, Pigbush Lane. First floor extension above garage.


SDNP/20/03508/FUL: Lurgashall Recreation Ground (The Jubilee Field), Blind Lane. 2 no. storage containers.


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SDNP/20/03485/CND: Budgens, White City. Neighbourhood food retail store with associated parking, landscaping and access improvements (Variation of condition 5 of permission MI/94/02427/FUL - vary the opening hours of the store to allow our client the flexibility to operate between the hours of 7:00 and 22:00 on weekdays and Saturdays).

SDNP/20/03617/TCA: Newlyn, 12 Ashfield Road. Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Silver Birch tree (T1).

SDNP/20/03634/TCA: Pippins, 5 The Wharf. Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Pear tree (T1).


O/20/02087/FUL: Colworth Manor Farm, Colworth Lane, Colworth. Polytunnels for soft fruit production.

Plaistow And Ifold

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PS/20/01962/TPA: Roundwood, Chalk Road, Ifold. Fell 1 no. Oak tree (T5) and crown thin by 20% on 1 no. Oak tree (T6). Both trees subject to PS/96/00807/TPO.

PS/20/02096/DOM: The Coach House, Oak Lane, Shillinglee. Proposed enlargement of first floor window to create fire escape window.

PS/20/02101/TPA: Mirondella, 8 The Close, Ifold. Crown lift to previous points including epcormic grown on 4 no. Oat trees (T1-T4) within Group G2 subject to PS/89/00786/TPO.

PS/20/02121/DOM: 2 Oak Way, Ifold. Replacement windows and doors, conservatory roof and garage doors.


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PW/20/01926/FUL: Medhone Farmhouse, Blackhouse Lane, Foxhill. Creation of two ponds for recreational angling and change of use of unused agricultural barns as a changing/toilet/storage facility for anglers and car park. (Variation of condition 3 of permission PW/05/01438/FUL - relocation of car parking from east side of barns to west side).


SI/20/02136/DOM: Sally Field Cottage, Rotten Row. Insertion of window at first floor into North and South gables; 2no rooflights on West roof plan; and, 1no rooflight on North roof plane.

SI/20/02140/FUL: Sally Field Lodge, Rotten Row. Replace store building with office (amendments to SI/08/04519/FUL) - removal of condition 4 of planning permission SI/09/00237/FUL.


SDNP/20/02187/HOUS: Old School House, Broad Walk, Aldsworth. Replacement conservatory and side entrance porch. Proposed roof works and lights. Internal works and changes to fenestration.

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SDNP/20/03409/FUL: Stansted House, Broad Walk, Stansted. Creation of external access to basement and undercroft by demolition of existing flat roofed basement link. Associated landscape works including garden steps to ground level.

SDNP/20/03545/LDE: Brocks Barn, Cooks Lane, Walderton. Development that has been in situ for 4 years or more, having failed to comply with a condition subject to a granted planning permission for a change of use to a dwelling.


TG/20/02113/TPA: Rossmore, Tangmere Road. Crown thin by 20% on 1 no. Lime tree (T50) and fell 1 no. Lime tree (T77) subject to TG/79/01015/TPO.

TG/20/02117/TCA: Tangmere Cottage, Tangmere Road. Notification intention to fell 1 no. Cherry tree.


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SDNP/20/03522/OHL: Garden Cottage, The Almshouses, Tillington Road. To relocate an existing pole used for the purposes of distributing electricity.

West Wittering

WW/20/01763/DOM: Home Farm Cottage, Elms Lane. New garage/boathouse with ancillary accommodation to replace existing garage.


SDNP/20/03519/APNB: Land adjacent to Watersmeet, River Street. Erection, extension or alteration of building for agricultural or forestry use.


WH/20/02120/FUL: Rolls Royce Motor Cars, The Drive. Extension to use and structure of temporary storage building/tent for finessing (finishing activities) (approved under 17/01700/FUL).

Wisborough Green

WR/20/02105/TCA: Clovers, School Road. Notification of intention to repollard to existing pollard points 1 no. Eucalyptus tree (T1) and fell 3 no. Eucalyptus trees (T2, T3 and T4).