Planning applications submitted to Chichester District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority

The following planning applications have been made to Chichester District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority between February 24 and March 3.

For more information about the planning applications below visit the Chichester District Council or South Downs National Park Authority websites.


BI/21/00094/DOM: Bay Tree House, Westlands Estate. Conversion of integral garage to habitable space, single story side extension. Construction of a detached garage and storage. New front boundary wall and gates and replacement of drive surfaces.



BO/21/00384/FUL: Trippets, Harbour Road. Replacement 2 storey house with detached garage/boat shed and new outdoor swimming pool. (Variation of condition 2 of permission BO/19/02200/FUL - detached garage moved away from the boundary, roof hip on the north west side is changed to a gable, recessed Photovoltaic panels added to north east roof).

BO/21/00413/DOM: Creek End, Smugglers Lane. Replacement garage and carport.

BO/21/00443/DOM: 2 Harbour Villas, Shore Road. Proposed garage.

BO/21/00526/DOM: Little Creed Cottage, 3 Green Lane. Erection of glazed covered link canopy/veranda to rear.


BX/21/00434/DOM: Fairfield, The Street. Replacement front door.


SDNP/21/00735/HOUS: Jessamine Cottage, Church Lane. Garage and garden store. Amendment to design certificated under SDNP/20/03550/LDE.


CC/20/02981/DOM: 143 Worcester Road. Demolition of conservatory, carports and garage and replacement single storey rear and two storey side extensions.

CC/20/02984/DOM: 13 Bognor Road. Installation of 3 no. roof light windows, 2 to the front elevation and 1 to the rear.

CC/21/00304/LBC: 29 South Street. Change of use from sui generis (beauty salon) to class E.

CC/21/00380/ELD: First Floor, 46 East Street. Existing lawful development for A1 use.

CC/21/00382/FUL: Bartholomews Holdings, Bognor Road. Demolition of existing office building and redevelopment for 9 dwellings, including access, parking, landscaping, amenity space and associated infrastructure.

CC/21/00449/TCA: The Brewery Field, Orchard Street. Notification of intention to fell west stem and crown reduce remaining stems (all round) by 2m to 11m on 1 no. Oak tree (T12).

CC/21/00459/DOM: Chelwood House, West Broyle Drive. West Broyle. Construction of garden gazebo.

CC/21/00460/REM: Land West Of Centurion Way And West Of Old Broyle Road. All outstanding Reserved Matters for the erection of buildings within the West of Chichester Local Centre to include a retail building with 8no. affordable dwellings, 4no. employment (office) buildings, 2no. health care facility buildings, a community centre and public open space to include a Locally Equipped Area of Play and Multi-Use Games Area; associated parking, landscaping and associated work in relation to the above; all pursuant to permission CC/14/04301/OUT.

FU/21/00461/REM: Land West Of Centurion Way And West Of Old Broyle Road. All outstanding Reserved Matters for the erection of a one-form entry primary school and associated ancillary buildings, access, parking, landscaping and works in relation to the above pursuant to permission CC/14/04301/OUT.

CC/21/00499/DOM: 28 Albert Road. Erection of single storey rear and side extension with associated internal alterations.

CC/21/00527/TPA: 14 Peacock Close. Reduce crown by 25% on 1 no. Oak tree (T9) subject to CC/99/00320/TPO.

CC/21/00556/PLD: 19 Canal Place. Proposed lawful development - demolition of existing lean-to and construction of proposed side/ rear extension.


SDNP/21/00904/LIS: Mill House, Mill Lane. Rear extensions to ground floor and first floor. Demolish existing garage and relocate new garage with residential/holiday accommodation over.


SDNP/21/00665/HOUS: The Old Clubhouse, Church Lan. Insertion of glazed panel and two sun tubes in roof.


D/20/03185/DOM: 14 Gordon Avenue. First floor side extension.

D/21/00184/DOM: 33 Selsey Road. Single storey extension to rear elevation.

D/21/00408/DOM: 3 Wiston Avenue. Extension to the first floor over existing garage and loft conversion with rooflights and rear dormer.


SDNP/21/00778/HOUS: Oak Brook, 2 Lodge Green. Proposed garage.


SDNP/21/00946/HOUS: 1 Dodsley Lane. Single storey rear extension and loft conversion with 2 No. dormers.

East Wittering And Bracklesham

EWB/20/03237/DOM: 28 Marineside, Bracklesham. Flat roof dormer and change of loft space to habitable accommodation.

EWB/21/00546/OBG: South Downs Holiday Village, Bracklesham Lane, Bracklesham Bay. S106 Deed of variation following permission 18/00753/OUT.

EWB/21/00549/DOM: Sun Set View, 17 Wessex Avenue, East Wittering. Demolition of existing conservatory/sun room for a proposed rear single storey extension.

EWB/21/00551/DOM: 27 Furzefield, East Wittering. Single storey rear extension.


FU/20/02813/FUL: Bramley Barn, Scant Road East, Hambrook. Retrospective extensions with associated roof works, various alterations and additions and removal of store building.

FU/21/00445/DOM: Wellington House, Southbrook Road, West Ashling. Erection of greenhouse.

SDNP/21/00953/BBPN: Land South of Heron Cottage, Southbrook Road, West Ashling. Regulation 5 notification for the installation of fixed-line broadband apparatus - to install 1 x 9m wooden pole (7.2m above ground) (reference - SD8GCP57)

SDNP/21/00945/TCA: Dalkeith, B2178 Southbrook Road To Moutheys Lane, East Ashling. Notification of intention to crown reduce by 20% and crown thin by 20% on 2 no. Beech trees.


SDNP/21/00351/HOUS: Hartley Cottage, Graffham Street. Erection of a single storey side extension, changes to fenestration and raising of floor level.

SDNP/21/00352/LIS: Hartley Cottage, Graffham Street. Erection of a single storey side extension, changes to fenestration and raising the floor level.


SDNP/21/00009/LIS: Beacon Cottage & Downsedge, 10 & 11 South Gardens, South Harting. Various internal alterations to Beacon and Downsedge Cottages to allow conversion into 1 no. single cottage, with no external changes being proposed.


KD/21/00532/DOM: Oakfield House, Village Road. Conversion of Outbuilding to Annexe.

SDNP/20/05870/HOUS: Scrubb House Farm Cottage, Crimbourne Lane. Proposal of 3 no. roof dormers and 2 no. roof lights to existing outhouse/annex building.


SDNP/21/00884/LDP: 9 Churchmead Close, Mid Lavant. Single storey rear extension.


LM/21/00538/PLD: Laragh, Marley Lane, Camelsdale. Single storey rear extension.


LX/21/00143/DOM: Little Pound Farm, Spy Lane. Move existing driveway from North side of front garden to South side of front garden.

LX/21/00176/FUL: Cabinet Makers, High Street. Change of use of existing light industrial use building into 2 no. semi-detached dwellings.

LX/21/00300/FUL: Land At Loxwood Hall West, Guildford Road. Erection of a detached dwelling.

LX/21/00550/DOM: Ensore House, The Walled Garden. Erection of workshop and garage. (Removal of condition 6 from planning permission LX/17/01140/DOM - To remove the tie to Ensore House).


SDNP/20/05664/HOUS: Rose Cottage, Hillgrove Lane. Single storey extension to kitchen area. Installation of ramp or lift to living room.


SDNP/21/00644/FUL: Capron House, North Street. Replacement and repair of chimneys.

SDNP/21/00645/LIS: Capron House, North Street. Replacement and repair of chimneys.

SDNP/21/00838/HOUS: 3 Claremont Way. Rear single storey extension.

SDNP/21/00889/LDP: 67 Poplar Way. Loft conversion to habitable accommodation.

SDNP/21/01004/LIS: Burgage House, Knockhundred Row. Replacement window on east elevation, remove internal wall and paint front door.


SDNP/21/00587/HOUS: 7 Luffs Meadow. Retention of home office (retrospective).


SDNP/21/00592/LIS: Angel Halt, Angel Street. Extension to garden room, alterations to single storey structure (rear) and outbuilding and internal and external alterations.

SDNP/21/00637/HOUS: Angel Halt, Angel Street. Rear extension to garden room, alterations to the existing property and outbuilding.

SDNP/21/00701/CND: Wickers, Glasshouse Lane. Demolition of 1 and 2 storey extensions to dwelling house. Construction of 1.5 storey extensions (Variation of condition 2, 4, 5 and 6 of planning permission SDNP/19/04389/CND of original planning permission SDNP/19/02389/HOUS - development design changes to condition 2 and decision wording changes for 4, 5 and 6).

Plaistow And Ifold

PS/21/00351/DOM: Crab Apple Cottage, Dungate Road, Plaistow. Erection of a detached single-storey garage and adjoining workshop.

PS/21/00396/DOM: Oakburn, Plaistow Road, Ifold. Side extension to existing bungalow and conversion into a chalet bungalow style house with detached garage.

PS/21/00545/EIA: Crouchlands Farm, Rickmans Lane, Plaistow. Screening opinion - commercial and high welfare, low impact and low intensity farming activity, the gradual development of a rural enterprise centre, a rural food and retail centre, equestrian centre, and glamping site.


SDNP/21/00610/HOUS: Vicarage Farm, Slade Lane. The erection of a detached 3 bay oak framed garage with home office on the first floor.


SY/21/00218/DOM: 8 Beach Road. Front two storey extension with pitched roof.

SY/21/00428/DOM: 31 Malthouse Road. Demolition of existing garage, erection of single storey side/rear extension and rendering.

SY/21/00437/FUL: West Sands Caravan Park, The Waterfront Complex, Mill Lane. Maintenance and refurbishment to existing terrace area, new attractions including surf simulator ride, all ancillary to the caravan park.

SY/21/00567/EIA: Ferry Farm, 3 North Chichester Road. Screening opinion request - Proposed solar array.


SI/20/02858/FUL: Land To The North Of Sunnybrook, Highleigh Road. 1 no. single storey dwelling with garage and associated landscaping.

SI/20/03339/FUL: Piggery Cottage, Anchor Farm, 61 Street End Lane. Use of land for the stationing of a Special Care Unit caravan for occupation by Paul Collins who has Cerebral Palsy to be used ancillary to, and in connection with, Piggery Cottage which is occupied by his full-time carers.

SI/21/00322/FUL: Land South Of Telephone Exchange, Selsey Road. Change of use of land to private gypsy and traveller caravan site including stationing of 2 no. additional caravans, 2 no. utility buildings, hard standing, landscaping and amended access position.

SI/21/00404/FUL: Land South Of Telephone Exchange, Selsey Road. Erection of brick wall and timber field gates to form entrance along with planting of laurel hedge to replace boundary treatments permitted under application 18/02925/FUL.

SI/21/00566/EIA: Ferry Farm, 3 South Chichester Road, Selsey. Screening opinion request for proposed solar array.


SB/21/00206/DOM: 50 Thorney Road. Loft Conversion With Rear Dormer And Front Velux Windows.

SB/21/00392/DOM: 3 Patricia Way, Nutbourne. Conversion of garage into habitable room with installation of window to rear.

Stedham With Iping

SDNP/21/00881/CND: 7 School Lane, Stedham. Single storey rear extension. (Variation of condition 2 from planning permission SDNP/20/02026/HOUS- a reduction in the depth and width of the approved extension).


SDNP/21/00668/HOUS: Valentines, 8 Westside. Erection of open sided shelter in oak to stand as a garage adjacent to the existing dwelling.

SDNP/21/00670/HOUS: Heytotts, Janes Lane, River. Proposed alternative location for swimming pool plant room (previously permitted under SDNP/20/03371/HOUS).

SDNP/21/00671/LIS: Heytotts, Janes Lane, River. Proposed alternative location for swimming pool plant room (previously consented under SDNP/20/03372/LIS).

SDNP/21/00758/HOUS: Upperton House, Upperton Road, Upperton. Construction of a private swimming pool and conversion of existing potting shed to a plant/dressing room

West Wittering

WW/21/00281/DOM: Merstone Cottage, Chichester Road. Domestic swimming pool and surrounding paving.

WW/21/00432/LBC: 3 Coastguard Cottages, Snow Hill. Replacement windows and internal alterations.


WE/21/00426/TCA: Sparrows, North Street. Notification of intention to fell 2 no. Fir trees and prune by 3m on 1 no. Plum tree.

Wisborough Green

WR/21/00391/FUL: Land At Stable Field, Kirdford Road. Residential development of 7 no. dwellings with associated vehicular and pedestrian access, car parking and landscaping.

WR/21/00405/REM: Land East Of Winterfold, Durbans Road. Application for the approval of reserved matters pursuant to outline planning permission WR/15/03366/OUT - 22 no. dwellings, associated infrastructure and open space. Seeking approval of layout, scale, landscaping, appearance. (Variation of condition 2 of permission WR/17/03677/REM - tandem parking space at rear of plot 1 shifted forward to be accessed directly from access road).