Planning applications submitted to Chichester District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority

The following planning applications have been made to Chichester District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority between July 21 and 28.

For more information about the planning applications below visit the Chichester District Council or South Downs National Park Authority websites.

21/02208/ADJ: Land Off The Coast Of West Sussex, Rampion 2. Offshore wind farm - notice pursuant to Section 42 of the Planning Act 2008 and Regulation 13 of the Infrastructure Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017.



BI/21/02040/FUL: Birdham Pool Marina, The Causeway. Change of use to enable the installation of 5 no. waterlodges to be used as holiday accommodation.


BO/21/02252/DOM: Critchfield Cottage, Viking Way. Garden studio/home office.


SDNP/21/03633/TCA: Upperton Farm, Church Lane. Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Laurel tree (1) (in front of a large Yew tree) and remove main ascending stems and branches out from multi-stemmed clump of Laurel and Bay trees (2) and reduce height by 2-3m of 1 no. Laurel stem (leaning over the boundary wall) on 1 no. Laurel (2).


CC/21/01607/FUL: Golden Cross House, Flat 1, 3 Little London. Change of use of existing office (use class B1a) to a studio flat (use class C3), with no internal/external changes.

CC/21/01786/FUL: Land At Royal Close. Erection of 1 no. 2 storey dwelling, attached to existing flats 30-37 Royal Close.

CC/21/01805/FUL: 21 Tollhouse Close. Pedestrain gate into existing terrace railings.

CC/21/01814/FUL: Bishop Otter Campus, College Lane. Additional 3 years for temporary carpark.

CC/21/01966/ADV: Buffer Bear Nursery, Spitalfield Lane. Erection of 1 no. int-illum main fascia sign, 1 no. int-illum secondary fascia sign, 1no. int-illum double sided illuminated mini totem, 1 no. non-illum gate Sign, 2 no. non-illum car park post signs, 1 no. non-illum buggy park sign and 1 no. non-illum CCTV Sign.

CC/21/02034/FUL: The Prebendal School, 53-55 West Street. Internal structural maintenance (Bosham dorm on first floor) works and ceiling repair (Selsey dorm on second floor) works within existing buildings. Brick capping re-bedded and general repointing to section of prep playground boundary wall area.

CC/21/02035/LBC: The Prebendal School, 53-54 West Street. Internal structural maintenance (Bosham dorm on first floor) works and ceiling repair (Selsey dorm on second floor) works within existing buildings. Brick capping re-bedded and general repointing to section of prep playground boundary wall area.

CC/21/02062/ELD: 8-10 Avenue House, Southgate. Existing lawful development certificate for mixed A2/B1 use, with A2 use on ground floor of 10 Southgate.

CC/21/02150/FUL: Sir Patrick Moore Building, Kingsham Road. Regularising works exceeding that permitted under CC/20/01399/PLD - The bottom edge of the Photovoltaics cells on east and west roof slope has exceeded the perimeter line of 1m from the edge of the roof covering, (retrospective).

CC/21/02200/FUL: 6 To 9 Tudor Close. Replacement of existing timber windows and doors with new uPVC double glazed windows and doors.

CC/21/02212/DOM: 9 Hilary Road. Proposed demolition of outbuilding and covered link, side canopy and part-outbuilding.Proposed single storey rear and side extension.

CC/21/02236/PA1A: 37 Lewis Road. Single storey extension to the rear (a) rear extension - 6m (b) maximum height - 3m (c) height of eaves - 2.8m.

CC/21/02222/TPA: Car Park, Ilex, Friary Lane. Crown lift by up to 5m (above ground level) on 1 no. Holm Oak tree (T1) subject to CC/79/00240/TPO.

CC/21/02225/TPA: 9 Carlisle Gardens. Reduce the lateral spread on the south western aspect of the crown by 2-2.5m. Crown lift the south western aspect to achieve a clearence of 2 metres from ground level, remove all deadwood on 1no. Oak tree T1 (TPO’d no T11) subject to CC/87/00258/TPO.

CC/21/02237/TCA: 7 St Johns Street. Notification of intention to reduce height by 2m. and reduce lateral limbs by up to 1m, finished height and spread to be 6 x 5m on 1 no. Bay tree (T1). Reduce height by 3m and reduce lateral limbs by 1.5m (all around) on 1 no. Birch tree (T2). Reduce height by 2m and reduce lateral limbs by 1m on the north sector on 1 no. Ginko tree (T3).

CC/21/02241/ADV: 94 East Street. 1 no. internally illuminated graphic sign fixed to internal wall.

Chidham & Hambrook

CH/21/02152/DOM: Woodlands, Broad Road, Nutbourne. Erection of additional storey, single storey extension to east and internal alterations.

East Wittering And Bracklesham

EWB/21/01118/DOM: By The Barn, Farm Road, Bracklesham. Replacement of existing garage and ancillary space to home office.

EWB/21/01724/DOM: 4 Sussex Grove, Bracklesham. Proposed single storey rear extension.


FB/21/02007/DOM: Brylands, 50 Salthill Road. Two storey side/rear extension and alterations (variation of permitted planning permission FB/20/02629/DOM).

FB/21/02100/TPA: 4 Beaver Close. Reduce heights and widths by upto 4m on 2 no. Oak tree (T1), subject to FB/69/00042/TPO.


SDNP/21/03318/HOUS: Hesworth Farm, Hesworth Common Lane. Replacement of clay tile roof on barn.

SDNP/21/03319/LIS: Hesworth Farm, Hesworth Common Lane. Replacement of clay tile roof on barn.

SDNP/21/03518/HOUS: 3 Norwood Cottages, Lower Street. Demolition of garden shed, re-siting of greenhouse and erection of new garden room in lieu of greenhouse.


SDNP/21/03219/FUL: Three Cornered Piece, East Harting Hollow Road, East Harting. Change of use to a mixed use of the land comprising the keeping and grazing of horses and a gypsy and traveller site for one family.

SDNP/21/02981/HOUS: 2 Hucksholt Farm Cottage, B2146 Hundred Acres To Compton Down Road, Compton. 1 no. greenhouse.

SDNP/21/03672/HOUS: Hollist Farm, Hollist Lane, East Harting. Demolition of existing extension to erect a new two-storey extension to the north-west (rear) elevation, internal and external alterations Construction of a new outbuilding together with swimming pool, revised parking layout and new hard and soft landscaping.


SDNP/21/03746/HOUS: 48 Lavant Down Road, Mid Lavant. Rear two storey extension and alterations.


SDNP/21/03596/CND: Part of Lower Diddlesfold Farm Known As Diddlesfold Manor Farm Lot 1, Diddlesfold Lane. Proposed demolition of 2 no. agricultural cattle barns, the erection of a replacement U-shaped agricultural barn and stables (for private use only), outdoor sand school, muck ramp, refurbishment of an existing agricultural barn and associated landscaping. change of use to a mixed agricultural use and private equestrian use - Variation of Condition 2 of planning permission SDNP/18/00474/FUL - To enhance the facilities of the permitted stable barn block (the plans and elevations as permitted for the stable/barn block to be altered to those submitted here).


O/21/02041/FUL: Oakham Farm, Church Lane. Change of use of barn and surrounding land from agricultural vehicle storage (use class B8) and waste & recycling transfer station (Sui Generis) to leisure vehicle storage use (use class B8).

O/21/02197/FUL: Former Portfield Quarry And Uma House, Shopwhyke Road, Shopwhyke. Erection of 88 dwellings together with associated vehicular and pedestrian access, car parking and landscaping. (Variation of condition 2 and 25 of permission 19/02030/FUL - internal and external amendments and changes to the floor plans of the approved dwellings).


SDNP/21/03851/TCA: Land and Footpath to The North-east of The Hermitage, East Street. Notification of intention to fell 2 no. Fastigiate Beech trees (T1 and T2) and 2 no. Scots Pine trees (T3 and T4).

SDNP/21/03628/TCA: Fig Tree Cottage, 309C North Street. Notification of intention to fell 2 no. Silver Birch trees (T1) _ (T3), 1 no. Laurel tree (T4) and 1 no. Cypress tree (T2).

Plaistow And Ifold

PS/21/02127/FUL: Plot 1B, Land At Sparrwood Farm, Shillinglee Road, Plaistow. Erection of L-shape stable block providing four stables, open hay barn and tack room and muck heap.


SY/21/01921/FULEIA: Managed Breach, Pagham Harbour. Cut through spit at the mouth of Pagham Harbour creating a temporary alternative outflow channel to reduce/avoid flood and erosion risk to properties and businesses at Pagham Beach and Haven Church Farm over the autumn 2021.

SY/21/02119/FUL: Ashbourne Residential Home, Byways. Alterations to existing building to form a single residential dwelling and erection of new annex ancillary to this dwelling.

SY/21/02189/DOM: 5 Hunnisett Close. To replace existing glazed conservatory roof with a new “Guardian warm roof” system.

SY/21/02220/PLD: St Georges, 24 Park Lane. Proposed lawful development certificate for the site of a mobile home to be used ancillary to the main dwelling.


SB/21/02188/DOM: 50 Main Road. Single storey rear extension.


TG/21/01727/DOM: 10 Barncroft Close. Two storey rear extension and single storey rear extension with associated roof works. to replace existing conservatory, and first floor side extension.

TG/21/02221/TPA: Land South Of 8 To 10 Wyvern Close. Remove epicormic growth from the main stem to 3.5m above ground level, initiate pollarding regime by shortening selected small-diameter ascending stems and lateral growth by 2m to 3m on 1 no. Common Lime tree (T2) (referred to as T75). Remove epicormic growth from the main stem to 4m-5m above ground level, re-pollard by removing multi-stemmed regrowth from previous pruning points (crown reduction of 2m-3m) on 1 no. Common lime tree (T3) (referred to as T76) and on 4 no. Common Lime tree (T12-T15 ) (referred to as T78-T81). All 6 no. trees subject to TG/91/01022/TP.


SDNP/21/03527/FUL: Beggars Corner, Halfway Bridge, Lodsworth. Erection of timber stable building and change of use of the land for the keeping of horses for private use.

West Dean

SDNP/21/03685/FUL: Manor Farm, Church Lane. Demolition of 5 no. silos and replacement construction with 2 no. stable buildings.

West Itchenor

WI/21/02061/DOM: Meadow Cross, The Street, Itchenor. Single storey rear extension and linked garage outbuilding with accommodation over for ancillary use in connection with Meadow Cross.

West Wittering

WW/21/01884/DOM: Launston, 15 Howard Avenue. Remove existing garage and rebuild with brick and a pitched tiled roof. Remove existing side porch and build new with brickwork and pitched tiled roof. Change use of loft space to habitable accommodation with the additions of side and rear dormers (PD) with pitched tiled roofs.


WE/21/01318/DOM: Highgate, Monks Hill. Front and rear single storey extensions and new slate roof. Driveway with new car port.

WE/21/02184/DOM: 76 Ellesmere Orchard. Demolition of existing garage and construction of two storey side extension and single storey rear extension.


WH/21/01340/DOM: Bay Leaf House, Stane Street. Proposed rear dormer with pitched and hipped roof, 3 no. rooflights to the front and 2 no. rooflights to the rear.