Plans for final phase of major Hastings housing development submitted

Developers have submitted plans for the final phase of a major housing development in Hastings.

In an application to Hastings Borough Council, developers Gemselect Ltd are seeking planning permission to build 16 homes at the former Mount Pleasant Hospital site, off of Frederick Road. 

The houses come as the final phase of a 56-home development on the site, which has largely been granted planning permission already. 

The first two phases of the scheme – for 33 and seven houses respectively – were granted planning permission by officers using delegated powers in March. The 16-home scheme, which sits in the northeastern corner of the development, was granted outline planning permission at the same time.

Layout plan showing final phase in northeastern corner of the site

The overall development also includes parking, a new cycleway, pedestrian access to Farley Bank and landscaping.

In a design and access statement submitted as part of the application, a spokesman for the developer said: “The proposals will create an attractive development in which to live and relationships to neighbouring properties have been carefully considered.

“The new dwellings are well away from established houses; well in excess of the usual 21m ‘rule of thumb’ distance.

“Rear gardens for the new houses will generally be 10m in length, and where this is not possible, they are consistent with the sizes approved under the Phase 1 and Phase 2 full planning approvals and/or additional width will be provided … to provide a good sized external space. 

“Accordingly, the proposals accord with national and local planning policies and principles and are therefore considered worthy of support.

“Approval of the reserved matters will help secure timely delivery of housing within the site, thereby contributing to meeting housing needs within the borough.” 

The 16 homes in this phase of the development will all be three-bedroom properties. They do not include any affordable homes, but at least a quarter of the overall site will be made up of such housing. 

For further information on the proposals see application reference HS/DS/21/00502 on the Hastings Borough Council website.