Pro-remain group take to Chichester city centre to gauge public opinion

People’s Vote campaigners took to Chichester city centre over the weekend to gauge public opinion on Brexit.

Members of the European Movement Portsmouth and Chichester met on January 26 to campaign for a people’s vote. The group asked members of the public how they felt about the main options facing the government.

‘Around 14’ members and supporters turned out for the event and the group said that members of the public were ‘keen’ to discuss the issues and have a chance to express their views ahead of crucial votes in the House of Commons today (January 29).

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John Wilton from the European Movement said: “Whichever way you voted, more than two-and-a-half years ago, nobody voted for a deal that makes us poorer and leaves us with less control. It’s not clear that what was promised in the referendum two-and-a-half years ago cannot be delivered.

“And whatever form Brexit takes, it will leave us in a much worse position than the deal we already have as part of the European Union

“That’s why the final decision must now be handed back to the people – because only they can sort this mess out.”

Members of the public were also invited to put stickers on a ‘Brexitometer’ which listed the three main options open to the government.

The event was part of a national day of action co-ordinated by the People’s Vote campaign in conjuction with other pro-remain national campaigning organisation to let MP’s know what their constituents think.

Opinion polls show a ‘clear majority’ of voters in most constituencies across Britain want their say on Brexit in a People’s Vote, the group said.

It added that the reality of Brexit mean rising houshold bills due to a lower value of the pound, businesses cutting production or moving abroad, jobs being lost, NHS facing issues with recruitment as many EU doctors and nurses leave.

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