Revised Ford incinerator plans ‘still an unsightly monstrosity’

Objections to revised plans for an incinerator at Ford have flooded in over the past fortnight with one labelling it an ‘unsightly monstrosity’.

Grundon Waste Management and Viridor lodged an initial planning application last summer for an energy recovery facility as well as a waste sorting and transfer facility at the Ford Circular Technology Park.

Permission for a much smaller facility was granted on the same site back in 2015.

But strong objections have been raised about the sheer scale of the new proposals in particular the height of the chimney and massing of the main building.

Revised plans for an incinerator at Ford

The application was withdrawn and a revised one submitted to West Sussex County Council.

Grundon and Viridor say they have listened to feedback and have made a ‘number of significant updates’ to the plans.

Among the changes that have been made is a reduction in the proposed height of the main energy recovery facility building by 12.7 metres (lowering it from 51.7 metres to 38.5 metres).

The facility has also undergone a major architectural redesign which has enabled changes to the site layout and created space for new green areas and landscaping, with the aim of helping screen the facilities.

The waste sorting and transfer facility has also been reduced in size – without decreasing its waste management capacity.

However the revised proposals have still proved unacceptable for many, with more than 170 objections lodged in the past fortnight.

Residents argued the buildings were still too large and out of character with the surrounding area, while many believed the road network was unsuitable for such heavy vehicles.

One objector wrote: “The visual impact of this new building would totally change that and damage the character of the whole surrounding area and all the villages within it. An unsightly monstrosity.”

Another wrote: “The roads in the area are lanes and unsuitable for a large volume of vehicles visiting the site and the junctions on to the ‘A’ roads are in dangerous locations and would require extensive road works to make them suitable for such access.”

Another objector said: “Many of the residents of Yapton are fed up with the endless building plans being proposed in this area. The amount of new builds in this village over the last few years is staggering. This development will potentially ruin the area.”

Earlier this month, Philip Atkinson, Ford Energy from Waste director, said: “As a responsible developer, we have taken the time to review and consider all of that feedback to ensure we have put forward the best application. We’ve made several significant changes to our plans but, critically, these changes have been made without compromising the waste management capacity or the energy generation output of the facilities.”

To comment on the revised plans visit using code WSCC/011/21.