Ringmer bungalows given thumbs up

Proposals for a housing development in Ringmer have been given the go ahead by Lewes planners. 

Monday, 12th April 2021, 3:27 pm

On Wednesday (March 31), Lewes District Council planners approved an application to build six bungalows on land to the rear of a property known as Westbourne in Lewes Road.

While approved by the committee, the scheme had seen some significant objections from Ringmer residents, who argued that there would be too many homes for the site and go against their neighbourhood plan. 

Among those to raise objections was Ringmer resident Christopher Bowers. In a statement read at the meeting he said: “The sheer fact you have this application for six dwellings, for this site, in front of you in 2021 is a travesty of the planning system.

“I am one of a group of neighbouring and adjacent residents who recognised about eight years ago, when the Ringmer neighbourhood plan was in preparation, that there would be some development in the garden behind the house known as Westbourne.

“There was clearly a case for it. There is a gap in the line of 17 bungalows and another gap in the line of three bungalows and one house, so the case for two bungalows was clear and we could even see a reasoned case for three.

“I mention this because opposition to this development is not nimbyist. We are happy to accept development in our backyard, but appropriate development.”

Many of the objections hinged on the argument that the development would go against a density specification within the Ringmer neighbourhood plan.

Officers disputed this argument however, saying it was considered to fall within the density specification and complied with the neighbourhood plan policy. 

The committee also heard that the scheme was considered to be sustainable and was recommended for approval.

In light of this the committee resolved to grant planning permission for the scheme on a majority verdict, albeit with additional conditions limiting working hours and for the provision of bat and bird boxes. 

For further information on the scheme see application reference LW/20/0795 on the Lewes District Council website.