Road repair programme tackles Barcombe

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Barcombe Mills Road, in Barcombe, is the scene of East Sussex County Council’s ongoing road repair programme.

The council is planning to reconstruct several roads that are badly in need of repair by recycling the road material.

These ‘green’ schemes use techniques specifically designed to reduce the carbon footprint, waste production and cost of resurfacing work, as well as the length of time the road is closed.

The road is resurfaced by using a technique of ‘carriageway recycling’ which means no waste material is removed from site and minimal amounts of new material will be introduced to provide the new surface.

This process uses a large recycling vehicle that moves slowly along the road, churns up the road, adds new binding material, then re-lays and compacts it to create new foundations. A new road surface is then added.

Cllr Carl Maynard, lead cabinet member for Transport and Environment, visited Barcombe this week and thanked motorists, residents and businesses for their patience.

He said: “I’ve been really impressed by the big machines rumbling down the road and the great work our highway staff are doing to improve Barcombe Mills Road for local people and motorists. Resurfacing our roads using this road recycling method helps us to cut our carbon dioxide emissions and combat global warming whilst providing better and safer roads for the residents of East Sussex.

“We appreciate that closing roads during resurfacing and reconstruction work is disruptive, and we work hard to minimise this disruption, but hopefully the people who use Barcombe Mills Road will see a huge improvement in the quality of the road surface.”