Seaford Head School students devise tough questions for election candidates

Students at Seahaven FM
Students at Seahaven FM

A group of students from Seaford Head School visited Seahaven FM and worked with radio presenter Jason Hall to record questions for candidates in the weeks leading up to the General Election.

The questions will be asked live on air to the various election candidates by Jason over the period of time running up to the election.

Students said they hoped their questions would produce ‘thought provoking responses’.

Year 9 student Megan Carter said: “I really enjoyed going to Seahaven FM.

“It was good to support the local radio station and it was really interesting to find out how the questions were recorded and used and also what the recording studio looked like.

“I think that hearing the politicians’ answers should be interesting. It was a really fun visit.”

Jason, from Seahaven FM, said: “The forthcoming General Election will be dominating the news headlines in the coming weeks.

“It occurred to me that the views and opinions of the younger generation regarding the world in which they live are rarely, if ever, given the opportunity to be heard, other than in an academic environment.

“By inviting them to present questions to election candidates, Seahaven FM felt that it would empower the children involved and were not at all surprised at the high quality of questions put forward, which all indicated great awareness, thought and insight on the part of the children who participated.

“Seahaven FM has the community interest at heart and recognises that the youth of the area are its future.

“Engaging with them is, we feel, an imperative if the values society asks them to adopt are to be embraced as they develop into young adults.”

The students asked a number of questions including:

“If we are so concerned about poverty, why do we spend more on warfare?”

“Why is immigration such a big issue in the UK when these people are more prepared to do less appealing jobs?”

“Why do public transport prices go up after we turn 14 as we still don’t work and can’t earn the minimum wage?”

“Why do politicians never do what they promised to do before they are elected?”

If you would like to hear all of the questions that were created by the students, tune in to Seahaven FM to see how the candidates respond live on air in the days leading up to the General Election.

Voters will go to the polls for the General Election on Thursday May 7.