Second hearing for plans to replace Seaford bungalow with two homes

An application for a small housing scheme in Seaford is set to return to Lewes planners next week as a result of a procedural issue.

Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 2:56 pm
Updated Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 2:56 pm

On Wednesday (April 21), Lewes District Council’s planning committee is set to reconsider an application to demolish a bungalow in Chyngton Way and build two four-bedroom homes in its place.

The scheme had previously been granted planning permission at a hearing on March 31, but problems arose before the decision notice could be issued.

According to planning offices,  a neighbour who objects to the proposal had submitted professional evidence related to the case was not considered by the committee at the first hearing.

This evidence, to do with loss of light, was shared with councillors, who raised concerns with officers

In a report to the committee, a Lewes planning officer said: “Regrettably, although this letter was received by Lewes District Council on 29 March 2021, it was not seen by the case officer, nor the presenting officer until after the committee meeting and as such it was not considered in the supplementary report nor referred to at the meeting by officers.

“As the letter raises planning considerations about daylight and sunlight officers are of the view that in the interest of natural justice, this aspect of the application should be re-examined in the light of the letter.

“The decision notice has not been issued and members are being given the opportunity to consider this new information and to decide whether the issues raised in the letter might have changed their decision.

“Officers have carefully reviewed the submitted information and remain of the view that there is no planning justification to refuse the application on the grounds of loss of light to the neighbouring property at number 5.”

Officers say the evidence has been reviewed and it is considered that the development the neighbour’s home would be “slightly impacted”.

However, officers say it would not give grounds to refuse planning permission and maintain their recommendation to approve the scheme, subject to the previously agreed conditions.

For further information on the scheme see application reference LW/20/0565 on the Lewes District Council website.