Shing family celebrates after Polegate election wins

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The Shing family are celebrating after the father and son duo claimed more than 50 per cent of the votes in the Polegate, Willingdon and East Dean.

Councillors Daniel and Stephen shing re-gained their seat on the East Sussex County Council.

Cllr Stephen Shing rceived 3,066 (27 per cent) of the vote.

This was the third time in a row the former Lib Dem has won a seat in the ward.

His son gained 2,793 (24.6 per cent) of the vote to gain his second term on the county council.

The non-party political pair were the winners in one of the highest election turn-outs as 39 per cent of the possible 28,986 voters took to the ballots on May 2.

The overall turn-out stood at 33 per cent as the final seats were being announced.

The UKip continued its gains with two of its candidates making in-roads in the ward. Bernie Goodwin gained 1,289 (11.4 per cent) and his fellow member Maureen Joyce Goodwin receiving 1,047 (9.2 per cent) of the vote.

Conservative candidate Douglas Malcolm Murray received 1,099 (9.7 per cent) votes.

His fellow Conservative member Simon Popek received 875 (7.7 per cent) votes.

Liberal Democrat candidate Don Broadbent received 595 (5.2 per cent) votes. His fellow Lib Dem member Rob Slater gained 356 (3.1 per cent) votes.

Lastly Labour’s Alex Mthobi received 230 (2 per cent) votes.