A27 Arundel Bypass: ‘There’s no such thing as a perfect situation’

The A27 Arundel Bypass ‘grey route’ is the ‘only option left’, according to a support group.

In 2019, National Highways put forward six colour-labelled options for the A27 bypass that the public could have their say on.

Thousands responded to the consultation before it was announced that the ‘grey route’ had been picked as the one it will be hoping to build.

The project has faced strong opposition, with campaigners claiming that the multi-million pound project would be ‘environmentally damaging’. They added that National Highways ‘plans to carve out the historic countryside’ for its eight-kilometre dual carriageway scheme’.

An aerial view of the Crossbush junction at Arundel. Picture: Eddie Mitchell

However, support group, One Arundel, shared an alternative view.

Spokesman Nick Field said: “Something needs to be done. We do need to have a bypass.

“You’ve got traffic sitting there during the day belting out fumes right through the centre of town which is not good for anybody.

“The A27 is really not fit for purpose. There will be more building in the area, whether we like it or not, so traffic is going to increase.

“There are solid traffic jams and, eventually, there will be gridlocks.

“People are saying they don’t want it to come near their house. We feel that’s an unreasonable position to take. Whatever you build, it will always affect somebody. There’s no such thing as a perfect situation.”

The project has been delayed until early January 2022. The developers said this was so that they can ‘better present all our findings’, and explain how the scheme will be ‘safe, affordable, environmentally-led and meets its aim of reducing congestion’.

“This is really the only option left,” Mr Field said.

“If someone could come up with an idea that makes everyone happy, that would be absolutely fantastic.

“At the moment, it appears the grey route is the only option left. We are saying just get on with it and build it.”