‘Tory tax’ introduced at Lewes garden centre

SUS-151205-104752001 SUS-151205-104752001
SUS-151205-104752001 SUS-151205-104752001

The owner of a garden centre in Lewes has responded to his disappointment at general election results by introducing a ten per cent ‘Tory tax’ for those who voted Conservative.

Matt Woodruff, the owner of Woodruffs Yard, put a sign outside the centre asking Conservative voters to ‘identify themselves’ when entering the building.

“I’m sure, as someone who has opted to support a party of elitist, self-serving types, that you understand that this is one of the many ‘tough’ decisions I need to make to ‘balance the books’,” the sign says.

UKIP voters are asked to ‘shop elsewhere’.

Sophie Castle set up Blackboard Man - Support Woodruffs Yard after she found another group encouraging people to boycott the garden centre.

“I’m amazed that in less than 24 hours this page has had 1300 likes and there are more coming in all the time,” she said.

“There’s incredible support for Matt’s blackboard message and its gentle humour.”

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