Why raising the parking fees will be bad for Lewes

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I refer to the consultation apparently in progress regarding the raising of the parking fees in Lewes.

If this goes ahead this will obviously have the opposite effect of trying to encourage people to come to Lewes. Poor Lewes will become yet another ghost town.

With regard to East Sussex County Council (ESCC) stating it will improve public transport, public transport in and particularly in the villages outside Lewes, is hit and miss at the best of times.

Compass, which currently operates these busses, have no interest in keeping their buses on the roads.

It is bad enough if you live on one of the estates in Lewes and the bus doesn’t arrive because it has broken down or there is nobody to drive it.

Imagine living in one of the villages around Lewes and the bus doesn’t turn up and you are stuck in Lewes.

I think ESCC is just going through the motions and have already decided to raise the parking fees, no matter how locals feel!

Christine Lawrence

Churchill Road,