Pooh shop in Hartfield is up for sale

THE HISTORIC Pooh shop in Hartfield, East Sussex on the market.

Established as Pooh Corner in 1978 by it’s current owner Mike Ridley, the 300-year-old property is also home to Piglet’s Tea-Room and Garden, Pooh Corner Mail-Order and The Owl’s House Self Catering Apartment.

Mike Ridley (co-owner with his wife June) met the late Christopher Robin on several occasions.

In his definitive booklet, The Official Pooh Corner Rules for Playing Poohsticks, he dedicated his work to Christopher.

Mike said: “The memories of our all too few meetings will always bring a smile to my face and a glow in my heart.”

Pooh is 90 years old this month as some celebrate his ‘birth’ when he was created in the Farnell factory in West London.

He was bought from the shelf at Harrods by A A Milne’s wife and given to little Christopher Robin on his first birthday.

But at Pooh Corner the official birthday is celebrated on October 14 when Pooh was first nationally published in the famous book, Winnie the Pooh.

Mike is now 68, married to June with four grandchildren and one granddaughter-in-law.

When retire they plan to see much more of their families.

Mike continued: This is a great time to retire.

The sun is shining and business is on the up and up.”

People have made enquiries about a ‘non-Pooh’ business but Mike feels sure there is someone out there to take it over and maintain its success.