Pop up art exhibition goes on show at the Crypt Gallery in Seaford

Madrid by Cecile Garcia.
Madrid by Cecile Garcia.

A pop up art exhibition will grace the walls of the Crypt Gallery in Seaford on Saturday April 12 and Sunday April 13, from 10am to 4.30pm both days.

It is being staged by the Last Minutes Artists group who ensure the gallery always has art to display at weekends.

The group aims to organise an impromptu exhibition whenever there is nothing else taking place at the gallery.

It launched the scheme in February last year and since then the shows have become a destination for locals and visitors.

This weekend visitors will be able to see work by Cécile Garcia and Geraldine Edmonds.

Cécile teaches A level Fine Art and Textile Design at a sixth-form college in Brighton. She said: “I allow the works to progress in an organic way through the painting process and enjoy the complexities of marks and range of surface qualities achievable through oil painting.”

Geraldine did a Fine Art Degree at Central College of Art, followed by a post-grad Diploma in Printmaking.

She says: “My work consists of collages made from portions and fragments of my own pictures, reworked, torn up, glued together and repainted. Most of my work is in acrylic or oil paint, with some lino and screen printing.

“My subject matters are generally of land or seascapes, animals and birds.”