Poppet says hello to fundraisers in Halland

Local news
Local news

Poppet, one of the 11 donkeys that lives in permanent sanctuary at Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, Halland, came out to greet the South East management team from Veolia, who were presenting Raystede with a cheque for £500.

The Veolia South Downs team have achieved being another 12 months incident and/or injury free at work by continuing to deliver a safer working environment by - improving safety performance, greater safety awareness, increased near miss reporting and focussing on debriefings and tool box talks to all staff.

As a result of this success local animal rescue centre Raystede has benefitted as the team are eligible to make a donation from their community fund and selected Raystede to receive the cheque.

In addition to this donation, Veolia also donated some of their Pro-Grow – a top quality soil conditioner made from the area’s green garden waste taken to the Household Waste Recycling Sites by residents.

This is is then processed by Veolia at the Woodlands In-Vessel Composting Facility near Whitesmith, helping Raystede grow lots of vegetables for the rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises and equines in their care.

Allan Key, general manager of Veolia South Downs said: “I am delighted to make this donation to Raystede – a place that is passionate and committed to giving animals the best possible life and I would also like to congratulate my team; this is a significant milestone and demonstrates their efforts in making their working environment a safer place.”

Nigel Mason, Raystede’s chief executive said: “As a charity, we receive no government or lottery funding. This generous donation will make a real difference to our work. Poppet the donkey is just one of over 1,500 animals that are in our care at any one time.”

Raystede was founded almost 60 years ago. It aims to care for animals and also show people the best way to look after them.