Potholes will be fixed in time for Seahaven Armed Forces Day Parade

Seahaven Armed Forces Day Parade.
Seahaven Armed Forces Day Parade.

A road riddled with potholes used by veterans parading at Seahaven Armed Forces Day will be repaired in time for the event.

This was the promise from East Sussex County Council’s highways which said it would be repairing Cricketfield Road shortly.

Chairman of the Armed Forces Day Committee Bob Peedle contacted the Sussex Express this week to highlight the state of the street.

Roger Williams, East Sussex County Council’s head of highways, said: “Our highways steward visited the site earlier this month and identified the need for repairs.

“We will be carrying out work on the road shortly and I am are pleased to say this will be completed before the march takes place.”

Armed Forces Day will be held on Saturday June 28 on the Martello Fields.

Major Peedle said when he recently inspected the site he was appalled by the number of potholes and damage to the road surface where the march would take place.

Last year there were holes in the road, but they were at the side and danger was averted by placing of cones around them.

Major Peedle said: “This year the holes seem more prolific. The ages of the veterans last year included one at 93 and a number in their 80s and 70s.

“Another, a much younger man, was in a wheelchair the victim of a more recent conflict. My worry is, of course, their safety on the march.

“May I please ask that in the near future the surface of this stretch of Cricketfield Road between the Esplanade and College Road is inspected and repaired in good time for the event.”