Powerful safety message for children

Electricity pylon SUS-141010-105716001
Electricity pylon SUS-141010-105716001

Hundreds of schoolchildren will be learning about staying safe around electricity in Eastbourne next week.

UK Power Networks, the company which keeps the lights on in Sussex, uses an interactive 3D model of a street scene to show the Year 6 youngsters the potential dangers of getting too close to electricity. It allows them to identify dangers such as flying kites near overhead lines and then discuss the best way to avoid hazards.

The model will be part of a Safety in Action event at Devonshire Park which is being co-ordinated by East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.

Others taking part include the ambulance service, RNLI, Sussex Police and the NHS. It started yesterday (Monday) and runs until Thursday October 16, and involves ten and 11-year-olds from schools across the district.

Safety in Action is supported by students from Sussex Downs College which is taking courses preparing them to work in the emergency services. Activities will include practising how to make a 999 call and what to do if you come across a bin fire.

Sonya Keating, UK Power Networks lead public safety adviser, said, “This event is a great opportunity to give children all kinds of safety messages.

“Fortunately accidents involving electricity are rare but our 3D model is an exciting way to alert youngsters to potential danger.

“It helps them to understand how dangerous electricity can be if it’s not treated with respect and also how to recognise the danger signs to enable them to make decisions that keep them safe.”

Kate Graham, community safety adviser with East Sussex Fire Service, said, “Year 6 children are preparing to go to secondary school, a time when they go out into the world without an adult. These safety sessions are absolutely critical as they help them stay safe. They show them what to do in all kinds of circumstances and can make a real difference.”

UK Power Networks has a dedicated Power Up website which urges young people to stay safe around electricity. It has facts, quizzes, downloads and useful resources for teachers and parents in line with the National Curriculum.

UK Power Networks distributes more than a quarter of the UK’s electricity.