Precept cut by Lewes Town Council

Lewes Town Council decided not to raise its Council Tax at a meeting last week – and also found a useful way of cutting it by 1 per cent.

Following two years of zero growth in its income whilst utilities and insurance have continued to rise this showed that the council is aware of the need to control its expenditure whilst maintaining the services it provides for Lewesians.

The council continues to make large support grants to the Pells swimming pool and the Priory as well as maintaining town benches and bus shelters.

Many local clubs and societies continue to get grant aid from the Town Council which also manages the Town Hall complex and All Saints Arts and Community Centre which are used by many community groups.

Cllr Micheal Turner, Lead Member for Policy and Finance, said: “We realise that this is only a very small cut but it is a way of showing we are listening to local opinion and are aware of the national drive to cut taxes for those least able to afford them.

“There will be no cuts in our services as the reduction comes from a budget aimed at improvements in facilities which can be delayed for a year or two.”

Elsewhere, members of the council’s Planning Committee have objected strongly a Section 73A retrospective application for continued use of New Pit Depot, Mill Road, Lewes, as a transit travellers’ site.

Members felt that the application had failed to demonstrate the need for this facility, that access was compromised and the site was generally inappropriate.

A decision on the application is due on January 30.