Premier Inn Hotel in Lewes should be of real architectural merit in Lewes

Former Lewes Magistrates' Court building
Former Lewes Magistrates' Court building

As decision time looms on the Premier Inn hotel proposed for Lewes, what do the town’s residents think of the scheme?

We asked members of the Lewes Facebook page for their views on Quora building a Premier Inn Hotel on the site of the old Magistrates Court in Friars Walk.

If the South Downs National Park approves the scheme the courthouse will be demolished and replaced with a 59 bedroom hotel, with shops and restaurants on its ground floor.

Mark Maidment said: “Not against a hotel per se just one that is designed by architects who learned their trade designing blockhouses for the Stasi.”

And Neil Merchant posted: “Same as Mark - whatever replaces the Magistrates’ Court should be of real architectural merit and worthy of a place in the centre of our historic town, in the National Park.”

Planning officers at the national park are recommending the scheme for approval when it goes to the committee on Thursday October 9 for a decision.

Gina Hawthorne said: “Be nice to have somewhere for people to stay which is of a reasonable standard and price. Needs to look right but nothing wrong with a Premier Inn.”

And Jo Miles said: “That building is fairly new and there doesn’t seem to be much up with it. Seems a bit of a waste to knock it down and start again, why can’t they adapt the existing building?”

Oliver St John said: “It’s ugly already so I can see no objection to a hotel located in the centre of town.”

Marcus Taylor added: “The latest plans are a distinct improvement, but a lot of details still need to be addressed.”