Preview: Welcome Wherever I Am, Dom Joly, Theatre Royal Brighton, Monday July 25

dom joly
dom joly

THE INNOVATIVE mind behind side splitting and lunatic comedy Trigger Happy TV will be presenting what sounds like an all together different show.

Welcome Wherever I Am will be Dom Joly’s first ever live show after a career which has included comedian, novelist, newspaper columnist, travel writer and even political researcher.

He will outline some of the highlights of his life which include skiing down volcanoes, holidaying in Chernobyl and North Korea, becoming a paparazzo, trying to fly across the Grand Canyon strapped to an eight foot rocket, turning into Tintin, being arrested in Switzerland while dressed as a yeti, discovering that he was at school with Osama Bin Laden and eating from Gillian McKeith’s pants while imprisoned in the Australian jungle.

Dom will attempt to make sense of it all, in this highly original and funny show, with the aid of some very peculiar holiday snaps.

He started his professional career as a political producer for ITN, before working off-camera on the first series of Channel 4’s Mark Thomas Comedy Product.

Dom went on to create hidden camera stunts as ‘bumpers’ between adverts and programmes on the Paramount Comedy Channel.

In 1998 he made a pilot of Trigger Happy TV for Channel 4 – the resulting series went on to win a silver Rose at the 2000 Montreux TV festival.

He was poached by the BBC where he made the chat show This Is Dom Joly in 2003, before reverting to hidden camera work for World Shut Your Mouth in 2005.

He has since made television series for BBC, Channel Five, and Sky One including, This Is Dom Joly and Dom Joly’s Happy Hour.

His spoof autobiography, Look At Me, Look At Me was published in 2004.

In his latest book, The Dark Tourist, he holidays in some of the world’s most unlikely destinations such as Chernobyl and North Korea.