Prime minister says he will look at Gada visa case

Prime Minister David Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron

David Cameron has said he will ‘carefully look’ at the Gada family’s visa case.

Stephen Lloyd took the case to Prime Minister’s Questions today (January 14).



He explained how five-year-old Andrea Gada was killed after a road accident in Eastbourne.

But her funeral has had to be postponed after relatives were unable to obtain visas from Zimbabwe to say their last goodbyes.

Lloyd told Cameron it was a ‘cruel and unkind’ decision by the Home Office, to refuse the visas twice, as the department said the relatives might abscond.

He said, “A few weeks ago, a tragic event occurred in my constituency when a five-year-old girl, Andrea Gada, was killed in a traffic accident.

“Since then, Eastbourne and her school, Shinewater primary, have rallied round to support her parents and the rest of her family.

“They have raised money to try to bring her grandparents and her aunt over from Zimbabwe to Eastbourne to join the family at the funeral, but the Home Office has refused those relatives entry, saying that they would abscond.

“The parents have given me an undertaking that this will not happen, and I have gone a step further and said that I will act as a guarantor that the relatives will return to Zimbabwe. The Home Office’s decision is cruel and unkind. Prime Minister, will you intervene?”

Cameron said, “It is absolutely horrific when children are killed in accidents like this, and we all know of individual cases in our own constituencies. It is heartbreaking when it happens. I will certainly look at the case—I was just discussing it with the Home Secretary—and make sure that the Home Office has a careful look to see what can be done.”

Andrea’s parents Wellington and Charity of Downland Close, Eastbourne, said the refusal of visas for Andrea’s grandparents and aunt, had made it a ‘double tragedy’.

Andrea died on December 17, after an accident on Friday Street when she was walking home from school.