Prison sentence for man who spread faeces on police cell walls

A Bognor Regis man who spread his own excrement across the walls of a police cell had spent the day getting drunk at a pub.

Chichester Crown Court heard Adrian Symonds, of Walton Road, had just got his benefit and gone to a pub in the town.

After getting extremely drunk he became abusive towards staff and customers and refused to leave when asked.

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The police were called to the pub at around 5.30pm on June 5 and Symonds continued to swear at the police officers. He was arrested and put into a police station cell.

Officers watching CCTV then saw Symonds smearing excrement around the cell and also over the hatch so they could not see in. He also urinated all over the floor and insulted a female member of staff. The cell had to be deep cleaned as a result.

The court was told Symonds had been on a 17-week suspended sentence for making threats to kill after stabbing someone.

It heard that on September 23 last year an ambulance was called to an address in East Preston where a man had been stabbed.

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Later the same day police saw Symonds walking along the road between East Preston and Littlehampton, covered in blood.

Three days later he went to Bognor Regis Police Station with his community psychiatric nurse and told them he had stabbed somebody and had wanted to finish the job off. He said the other man had come at him with a knife and he had heard voices.

Recorder John Freeman said Symonds '“ who admitted two charges of threatening and abusive behaviour and one of criminal damage '“ had 'behaved disgustingly' during the latest set of criminal offences and sentenced him to a total of 24 weeks in prison.

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