Problem posts are cut down to size

The controversial posts in Valence Road, Lewes
The controversial posts in Valence Road, Lewes

A solution has been found to the problem wooden posts which have been disrupting children’s play on a Lewes green space.

Their height is to be reduced at the Valence Road site following a meeting between concerned residents – who organised a protest petition – and Lewes District Council representatives.

It was attended by local town, district and county councillor Ruth O’Keeffe, who said: “I was glad that residents’ views were properly taken into account. The posts as initially installed were rather over dominant and will now be cut back to approximately half the height and only be around rather than across the greens where children play, with a lockable bollard at the only possible vehicular entrance point.

“This will prevent the parking that was the reason for the original request in a much less intrusive way than the first scheme.”

A council spokesperson said: “We met with Valence Road residents this week and listened to their views. At the meeting it was agreed to reduce the height of the posts and a lockable post will be installed to prevent parking on the green.”

Resident Janet Anthony raised concerns last month, saying the posts were a potential safety hazard.