Producer strikes a tune for street children

A MUSIC producer from Herstmonceux has been enlisted by a New York film company to create the soundtrack for a documentary about an educational project for street children suffering in Brazil.

‘The City of Hope: A Children’s Story’ tells the story about American missionary Phillip Smith and his dad Jack who set up Hope Unlimited International – focusing on a defunct orphanage in Campinas.

Producer Darragh Brady, aged 39, from Chilsham Lane in Herstmonceux, runs Kusha Deep Music.

He has been approached by Capriole Productions Inc about the film and created the soundtrack after producers saw him strumming his guitar and singing lyrics via internet website Skype. for the title track, ‘City Of Hope’ and a second track, ‘Moment Of Glory

Mr Brady said: “The team have had remarkable results in setting up a place of sanctuary for the kids [in Brazil] with some of them going on to university, which is an amazing breakthrough when you consider they were never taught anything other than the skills to survive.”

Mr Brady has been in contact with schools in East Sussex about the street children project.

Visit: www.soundcloud. com/kushadeep