Promise to kickstart Hailsham’s economy with new business plan

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CHANGES have been promised for Hailsham town centre during the next four years with the announcement of a new ‘Business Development Plan’ by the town’s authority.

Councillors voted in favour of the new Business Development Plan as an overall strategic policy document of key activities for business development and the revitalisation of the town, at a Hailsham Town Council meeting on March 21.

The move follows a review of the original Hailsham and Hellingly Masterplan published around three years ago.

Cllr Nick Collinson said: “The agreement of the Business Development Plan marks a fresh start in the town council’s drive to revitalise the town of Hailsham whilst supporting economic development and helping to increase employment opportunities in the process.”

Research carried out by the town authority has highlighted areas needing a focus: the economic revitalisation of the business community; protecting and enhancing the natural and built environment; effective and sustainable infrastructure; safety and security in the whole community; and health and wellbeing of residents and visitors.

Many organisations will be involved in the development of the plan, according to the town council, to reflect the emerging needs of the whole community.

Town Clerk John Harrison will work alongside Deputy Town Clerk Mickey Caira who has also been appointed Business Enterprise Manager.

He said: “The town council recognises that it will need to buy in from stakeholders and partners in order to deliver its key objectives for the town. It is envisaged that the objectives contained in the agreed Business Development Plan will meet the aspirations of residents and businesses.

“Whilst the key focus will be on the revitalisation of the town centre, the plan also includes key objectives and actions that will aim to improve the whole town for the benefit of all sections of the local community.”

The Mayor, Cllr Jeff Bentley-Astor, called the plan a ‘top priority for kick-starting the local economy of Hailsham’.

The town council has stated the plan has a ‘wide ranging remit’ and may involve partnership with other local agencies.

The town council will now consult with stakeholders and project partners with a view to discussing plans and inviting them to future meetings of the Business Development Committee as part of the process of delivering the Plan.

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