Proposal to build new seafront kiosk

The council has submitted an application to build a new kiosk on the seafront promenade to be used as a takeaway or snack bar.

The authority wants to put the new facility opposite Eversfield Place in St Leonards.

A report about the application reads: “The proposal is to construct a cylindrical kiosk on one of the three viewing bays located on the upper promenade between the pier and Warrior Square.

“A section of the adjacent cycle route, measuring approximately 17 metres, is to be suspended in the area of the proposed kiosk.”

The council has received seven letters of objection to the proposal following neighbour consultation, display of a site notice and an advertisement in the

Objections raised include dislike of the kiosk design, harm to the openness of the area, pedestrian and cyclist safety, loss of a section of the cycle route, security, litter and air pollution.

The two-tier promenade, including nearby shelters, was designed by borough engineer Sidney Little and built between 1925 and 1939. The application will be discussed at a council meeting on Wednesday (January 7) at the Town Hall from 6pm.