Public outline advantages and disadvantages of Newhaven water park plan

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The biggest concern raised at the Newhaven water park exhibition was the traffic jams which could result from the development.

The independent Democratic Society monitored sentiment at the event and asked visitors what the advantages and disadvantages of the scheme were.

They were asked whether the water park could start regeneration in the town: 48 per cent said it definitely could, 32 per cent said it probably could, eight per cent thought the proposals could probably not start regeneration and three per cent thought it definitely could not.

More than 1,000 people visited the public exhibition at the Hillcrest Centre in Newhaven from October 30-31, which was staged by the developer Round Table Entertainments.

A spokesperson for Round Table Entertainments said: “This gave the local community and businesses the opportunity to hear about the project concept and make suggestions to the development team prior to the formal planning consultation period which starts in mid-January 2013.

“The event was extremely successful with more than 1,000 people visiting the Hillcrest Centre, including many children.”

The majority of questionnaire respondents came from Newhaven (73 per cent) and 27 per cent came from other areas, almost all from the towns and villages immediately around.

A total of 650 questionnaires were completed by residents.

The questionaire listed four potential benefits of the development with a write in other option.

A total of 37 per cent said the most important benefits of the scheme were 37 per cent and 38 per cent said jobs.

Another question addressed the most important negative aspect of the proposal.

The most important negative aspect selected by residents was traffic as the thing the developer should do most to avoid (77 per cent) and followed by an unattractive building at six per cent.

Postcards where visitors could leave their comments revealed some interesting suggestions.

Amongst the comments were: move the railway station near to the site, provide a new road bridge over the river, C7 not a good road.

A full public consultation will run from January to July next year.

the Democratic society said other Comments made by visitors were: Smoke and light pollution and traffic pollution.

Residents said further exhibitions were needed when designs were available, proposed riverside walk should bring people through the town centre, put it by the West Beach and have the beach again.

Other comments: why wait until January to tell us how big the thing will be; is there something else we are not being told; I would love water jets for mssage, sauna, steam room and chill out area and park needs to have spill over economic benefits for the town.