Public urged to report cold callers in Seaford

Seaford mayor Mark Brown with Sergeant Stuart Mullins from Seaford Police.
Seaford mayor Mark Brown with Sergeant Stuart Mullins from Seaford Police.

Police and the Neighbourhood Watch in Seaford were reminding people that the town is a no cold calling zone.

Seaford Neighbourhood Policing Team and the Seaford and Bishopstone Neighbourhood Watch were urging residents to report any unwanted callers.

Cold calling is where someone calls door to door, offering to sell or buy items, carry out work, or offer any other service including giving quotes.

Seaford Police said it can promote goods and services that are over-priced and of poor quality and can even be a cover for criminal activity.

Sergeant Stuart Mullins said: “We would always advise residents not to deal with anybody who touts for trade in this way.

“If someone calls at your home touting for business, politely decline their services and remind them of the no cold calling zone.

“If they persist or you are suspicious contact the police and we will check them out and move them on.

“The very fact that the whole town is designated means that any door to door calling should be viewed with suspicion.

“The only exceptions are political and religious canvassing.

“If you want work carried out rely on personal recommendation or any of the assured trade schemes endorsed by trading standards.”

Neighbourhood Watch chairman and Seaford mayor Mark Brown added: “We are convinced of the value of the zone in improving the lives of Seaford residents, but for the zone to continue to work we need to know when cold calling happens so it can be dealt with it”.

No Cold Calling stickers are available from Seaford Police Station or from Seaford and Bishopstone Neighbourhood Watch.

If you have suspicions or have been affected by cold calling call 101 or email

Or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or 999 immediately if there is an emergency.