Puffin crossing planned for Broad Oak

BROAD OAK looks set to be a safer place by the end of this month.

The County Council is installing a Puffin crossing across the main A265 in the village.

Work on the push-button, traffic-signal operated crossing began on March 12 and will last four weeks.

Heathfield parish councillor Bob Wood from Halley Road said: “We are delighted this work is going ahead. The road has proved extremely dangerous and it doesn’t help that most people live on the north side while the primary school and Community College are on the south meaning children have to cross at busiest times of day.”

He said villagers had lobbied for years to get safety measures introduced.

These recently included speed reductions to 30mph through the village and 40mph on the outskirts.

Bob went on: “We would have liked to have extended the 30mph limit further along the main road but that did not meet with County’s reduction criteria.

However this is now much better and our Speedwatch teams have been a visible presence in the village.

After discussion it was decided the best place for the crossing was opposite the village hall so this road will be very much safer both by day and night.”