Pumpkins prove gigantic success for six-year-old gardener in Herstmonceux

Monty with the pumpkins
Monty with the pumpkins

When six-year-old Monty decided to start growing pumpkins, he had no idea it would be such a gigantic success.

The youngster from Herstmonceux has produced these giant pumpkins (pictured) just in time for Halloween.

Proud mum Debbie Vickers said: “He started to grow Pumpkins last year with great success.

“He is a typical little boy who loves Halloween and all things associated with it, so we decided to plant some seeds on our muck heap in the field. He was chuffed to bits when the plants bore fruits, we managed to get the smaller ones home and I was set the task last year of carving them.

“He was very keen from then on to grow some more again and he decided at the garden centre that he wanted to go for a Gigantic Variety.

“He chose a couple of shady spots on the muck heap in April, underneath the oak tree and set about watering them until they began to sprout. As they started to grow in size Monty set about taking off some stems to help the bigger ones achieve more growth.

“He was left with about five enormous ones, one that was totally green. Unfortunately the green one went rotten, so he concentrated on the remaining orange ones. He has ended up with the three whoppers.”

Debbie continued: “Monty’s magic formula is look after the muck heap, help mummy pooh pick the field so that we can feed the muck heap with even more goodies. The pumpkins seem to thrive in these conditions and the weather has certainly helped.”

Debbie said one of the pumpkins is so big her partner couldn’t even lift it.

She said: “It is so heavy we couldn’t even lift it into the car so we weren’t able to take it to a local show to show it. We have no idea what it weighs but the circumference is very big.

“His school friends thought he was really cool last year as we lined the carved pumpkins up along the path to our house on trick or treat night.”