Punnetts Town welcomes new medical centre

AFTER almost ten years of campaigning, negotiating and fund-raising, members of a village committee can at last welcome a new state-of-the-art medical centre.

The Quintin Medical Centre is now up and running in Punnetts Town and on Saturday, September 24 it stages an open day from 9am until noon.

Organisers say everyone is welcome to come along, meet the GPs and explore the new building which also includes a fully-equipped minor surgery unit.

Also on offer at the surgery are nursing clinics, sexual health screening and treatment, joint injections, specialist diabetic review clinics, cardiovascular risk screening and clinics to help people stop smoking.

The doctors who will be starting at the new centre are Kerstin Edwards and Dominic Gray, assisted by Grazyna Gardner, Rosanne Lowe and Celia Davies.

The new surgery is part of a new village centre package originally dreamed of by people living in the community.

Maggie Lambert-Gorwyn from Flitterbrooks Lane told the Express everyone in the village got behind the new centre and worked to see the project completed.

She said: “The idea resulted from an open meeting attended by the doctors and just about everybody in the village.

“We set up the Punnetts Town Village Hall committee, initially to rebuild a new village hall but it was clear the doctors also needed a new building as well.

“First of all the two were going to be combined but we couldn’t get planning permission for that, so two new buildings had to be constructed.”

Maggie said a Lottery grant helped funding, although much of the money was raised in Punnetts Town itself.

Fundraising efforts saw the residents embarking on years of sales, bonfires, talks, craft sessions, boot and table top sales to help raise the money.

The Committee now has a mortgage on the building and payments are made in the form of rent by the local health authority.

Maggie said: “The events still go on as we are still paying, but everyone here is thrilled we have achieved our ambition.

“We think people will come to this surgery from miles around.”