Pupils are sent home due to wrong uniform

Parents felt outraged yesterday morning (Thursday) after some children were turned away from school on their first day of term for wearing the ‘wrong trousers’.

Several of the students’ parents contacted the

The parents who spoke to the

Donna Fuller, whose daughter Jodie Fuller is in year 11 and was turned away for wearing the wrong trousers, said: “I just feel so angry, it’s the same thing every time they start in September. Tomorrow she’ll be allowed in and there will be no problems. It just makes you want to bang your head against the wall.”

Claire Hadfield, whose 15-year-old daughter Courtney Jerrey attends the school, said: “They won’t let her in because her trousers are too tight. I have been to Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings, to every single shop that sells black tailored trousers. She is four foot nine inches and I cannot get her a pair of tailored trousers for school. I have already spent £20 a pair on her trousers just to a get a pair that will fit her.”

Principal Michael Brett told the

He said: “Anticipating that we might have a problem we bought school uniforms to lent on a long-term basis, to parents, until they can afford to buy their own.

“We had 20 students who refused to change. We gave students the option to change.

“We don’t want to turn students away but felt we had no choice but to send them home.”

“We want to maintain a high standard from day one.”