Rainbows leader bows out

jean morton hellingly rainbow leader, retires aftger 23 years
jean morton hellingly rainbow leader, retires aftger 23 years

A Hellingly Rainbows leader has stepped down from her role after 23 years of service.

A thank you party was held for Rainbows leader Jean Morton from the Hellingly Rainbow Unit.

The party was attended by friends from Guiding with everyone enjoying a cup of tea and homemade cakes and scones.

A gift was presented of a camellia in a terracotta pot for her garden along with a card made by the Rainbows.

The former district commissioner and division commissioner will continue to be the chairman of the Bull River camp site and will also be a trainer, teaching people how to be a Rainbows leader.

Mrs Morton said: “It’s been good fun, lots of little girls and parents I’ve met.

“I got into guiding through a girl I worked with and it grew from there. She was into it and I offered to help with Brownies and she said she had been waiting for me to volunteer for the Rainbows unit which had just started up.

She added: “Guiding is so great because it gives little girls a space of their own where they can let off steam and also be listened to a bit more than in a class of 20 other children.

“So it’s good for a lot of things and they improve as they go through guiding and become community people. They get involved with the community because they do early on.”

Rainbow leader and Weald division commissioner Janet Whittle said: “The party was really a ‘thank you’ party because she’s run the Rainbow unit for 23 years.

“She’s reached retirement and so she’s stepped down so the children organised a party and invited past Rainbows and people who have helped over the years and had a dream tea, played some games and presented her with a thank you badge, which is a guiding award for those who have done a good job or something special.

“It was a lovely evening. All the children enjoyed it and had pictures from throughout the years and a quiz where people had to guess which year the photo had been taken, which really got people talking.

“She is a lovely lady who not only ran the Rainbows but was the chairman of the Bull River camp site.

“We are really grateful for everything she’s done in the past and continues to do today and in the future.”

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