Ramble and rally for woodland in Friston Forest

All over Sussex 'private' signs have replaced 'welcome' ones.
All over Sussex 'private' signs have replaced 'welcome' ones.

A RAMBLE and rally through Friston Forst has been arranged tomorrow, October 8.

Meet at 12pm at the south end of the main car park (TV518996).

The walk is to celebrate ‘A Walk in the Woods’ week coinciding with British Tree Week.

Action for Access and The Ramblers will be co-organising the event to raise awareness of the issue of forestry sales.

Walkers, riders and cyclists are encouraged to come along and show their support for access to our woodland.

Chris Smith, spokesman for The Ramblers, said: “It is clear that when forests are sold, our ability to enjoy them is usually lost.

“All over Sussex ‘private’ signs have replaced ‘welcome’ ones.”

The aim is to encourage as many people as possible to experience the wonders of walking through woodland and highlight The Ramblers campaign to save woodland walks.

Following plans to sell off England’s Public Forest Estate, the campaign was launched to ensure current access was protected and to lobby for increased access to all wood land in England and Wales.

Tom Franklin, Ramblers Chief Executive, said: “There is nothing more magical than an Autumn walk through the woods as the leaves start to change colour.

“The public outcry over the sale of English forests demonstrated just how much we use and value our local woodland.

“We want everyone across the country to come together to celebrate British woodland and show the world the importance of being able to walk in the woods.”

Bosch Lawn & Garden is running British Tree Week alongside ‘Walk in the Woods’ to help raise awareness of Britain’s native trees.

How well can you identify British trees? To find out more visit: www.BritishTreeWeek.co.uk