Ravenside clamping is daylight robbery says driver

A driver was clamped at Ravenside while waiting for B&Q to open on a Sunday morning.

Now he claims the car park clampers are "daylight robbers who scare you into paying their extortionate fees".

He is appealing against the 95 fine and has contacted his MP Amber Rudd.`

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Andy White, of Augustus Way in St Leonards, arrived at Ravenside around 9.40am on July 25 and then realised the store would not open until 10am.

He took his three year old off for "a quick wander" and when they returned found a clamp on his car for which he had to pay 95 to be removed.

Andy said: "I therefore telephoned the number given and informed them that I was just waiting for the store to open and why was I clamped? I was told it was because I 'had walked offsite'.

"I had been around 10-15 minutes, and I didn't think this was very fair as there were lots of other cars that were in the car park around where I parked that were not clamped."

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The clampers said these cars would not be clamped as the drivers were swimming pool customers which Andy claimed was "totally untrue as we watched at least two cars being returned to from the boot sale."

He pointed this out to the claiming staff who appeared not to be interested.

"I paid the fine and informed them that they were being unreasonable and picking on us. I feel very hard done by in this instance as I do agree with the clamping at this site as it sometimes is very difficult to park here when it gets busy."

The car park is owned by Land Securities which employs Parking Control Management to monitor it.

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A spokesman said: "As the landlord of Ravenside Retail Park it is Land Securities' responsibility to provide its tenants and their customers with good car parking facilities. The clamping activity is aimed at people who are not shopping at Ravenside Retail Park and therefore taking up valuable car parking spaces. Any visitor who believes they have been unfairly clamped should follow the appeals process which is clearly outlined on the numerous notices located around the car park."

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