Raystede Pets’ pop group with ahh-factor take the stage

'The Singing Family Pets'
'The Singing Family Pets'

A group of real life household family pets have become a pop group, a One Direction of the pets’ world.

The Singing Family Pets are the first ever pet pop group to sign a recording deal distributed by Nova Sales and distribution /Universal and published by The Music Sales Group print publishers for Coldplay and Adele etc..

The lovable pets with ‘Ahhh Factor’ are tipped to become the latest viral pop sensation.

All the different pets have their own very specific typical traits that are matched in their expressions and movements in the video.

The audience can immediately relate and connect to their individual characters - so there is an instant appeal.

The pets have their own very individual characters coming through from the start – almost like a popular cartoon strip – everyone will have their favourite straight away.

A combination of humor, genuine ‘likability’ and a real pull at even the toughest of heartstrings, they are the brainchild of TV and radio PR man and music entrepreneur Jeff Chegwin.

The group features all the family pets performing together as a group in a remarkable video including dog, cat, budgie, hamster, rabbit, goldfish, tortoise. The debut song ‘Shake a Leg’ has been written and produced by Mark Stevens and Jeff Chegwin - Mark’s production credits include such stars as Annie Lennox.