Raystede’s feathered baby boom takes off


As spring turns to summer, Raystede’s Wildlife Hospital is working flat out to look after the many baby birds of all kinds that are being brought in for us to look after.

They come to us for many reasons. Among our current residents we have three baby blackbirds rescued from a cat attack, a duckling found wandering alone on a golf course and a nest of day old Great Tits dislodged during the removal of a dying tree.

Being so young, they take round the clock care and regular feeds, but seeing them grow and thrive and eventually releasing them back into the wild is very rewarding.

In most circumstances it will be best leaving the birds alone unless you can see that they are in immediate danger.

If you find a fledgling the parents are not usually far away and will possibly be out finding food to bring back to them.

If you have been watching for a while and no parents have come back then please take them to your nearest vets or wildlife rescue centre.

Do not attempt to feed them yourselves unless you are experienced .

If you should find a very young nestling then they must also be taken to your nearest vet or wildlife rescue as these will not survive without help.

Do not attempt to put them back in the nest as this could disturb the other nestlings and it is illegal to interfere with nests.

For more information or to make a donation towards the care of these baby birds call Raystede on 08448751252 or visit www.raystede.org